HARIBO 200g better than half price 53p!! at the co-op

HARIBO 200g better than half price 53p!! at the co-op

Found 5th Jan 2010
Hi, in my local co-op this morning they were selling 200g bags of Haribo (3 varieties) for 53p. They were on the end of an aisle and marked up as "better than half price".
They have a best before date in 2011 so im guessing this will be nationwide? and not just getting rid of old dates.

- Teeth_Extractor
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In my co-op too.Must be nationwide
what about sommerfield? just easier for me than co-op and obviously same group. thanks in advance if anyone can confirm

these are the ones in my co-op.
Bargain :w00t:
Definatly gonna be checking my co-op 2moro. Haribo is a winner!
mine has them in as well
Thers a co-op down the road from me. Might actually go out in the -3 weather to get a pack of haribo's. Where did my life go wrong

edit : -5 *
Rather just open a bag of granulated sugar and eat it, would be much cheaper at roughly 75p per 500g. Hot price none the less.
great price.
Tasty stuff. They're currently 54p at Somerfield. I'm munching on a bag on Tangfastics as I type!
Offer is also on the micro mix variety until the 19th of jan x
Saw at work last night that this offer will continue for another week, until the 27th of Jan x
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