Harman Kardon Drive & Play GPS-500

Harman Kardon Drive & Play GPS-500

Found 7th Jan 2008
Got the unit last week and have to say it is awesome... £120 for full european navi, Mp3's & I can watch MP4 movies... 4GB limit though Apart from that, it beats everything else in that price range by a mile...


Thanks Necaras, welcome to the forums

any got any codes for this??

Some good reviews out there, but also several reports of device failure/signal issues and map updating a problem due to lack of support from HK (in US at least).

Looks decent, does anyone know what maps it uses? Not interested in the audio/video playback so perhaps I'm better waiting for something better to come along.

Unfortunately time and time again it comes down to the age of the mapping and the cost of renewing the maps which seems to get overlooked. If you buy a unit with 'upto date' maps, at best they are going to be 6 months out of date, so as far as older models go they can be 2/3 years out of date. Tomtoms cost a bit more but at least you get a chance to get the latest map for free and then in a couple of years maybe £50 to upgrade. Many other manufacturers charge £100 to bring theirs upto date then in a couple of years they are not interested in giving updates or it cost you £100 again.

By the time you need to update maps the price of a new unit will probably have come down so much you could just buy a new one.
And besides, is there really that many new roads going to be built in 2/3 years that you wouldn't be able to find your way between point a and b? :whistling:

Is not an A to Z a cheaper option????

how would this compare to the navman n40i they have different cipsets any idear

Very good price, especially for 4" display!


Is not an A to Z a cheaper option????

are 2 cups and a string not a cheaper option than a telephone?

I was looking at these a couple of weeks ago and theirs only a few places that sell them in the UK, I think this is an odler model now as there is a 510 too.... CarAudioSecurity also sell these on ebay and they were £99 when i was looking but appear to be £119 or best offer now so it might be worth putting in a lower best offer and see if they accept it just an idea ....

Just looked on ebay. starting at £200.

after a couple of hours research this looks well worth £119. ive ordered one and im really picky.

you pays your money, you takes your chances.

Looking at the information on the Harman site it seems the TMC is only for countries that have a free service so may not work in the UK? Also not sue if it supports the London congestion charging zone.

Very interested. Never used one before but :-

1. Does it display speed cameras?
2. Can the software be updated?

(Looking north towards the Crooked Spire)


Very interested. Never used one before but :-1. Does it display speed … Very interested. Never used one before but :-1. Does it display speed cameras?2. Can the software be updated?:thinking: Pete (Looking north towards the Crooked Spire)

If you look at the bottom of the page it says speed camera alerts subscription cost 19.90 per year
Follow this link for the software updates (bottom of the page) guideandplay.eu/eng…tml

Has anyone received one of these yet? Or ever dealt with caraudiosecurity?

I have one on order but they are a bit slow in comunicating. They dont even answer their 0870 number! Payment was on credit card (Im glad to say) and has been taken but has been "processing" for 2 days now.

any thoughts?:whistling:

I might have been a bit early on the phone. they dont start till 9:30

I should be receiving it after the weekend aparently so looking ok again.

Yay :roll:
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