Harman Kardon Soundsticks III £49.75 @ Tesco Instore

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III £49.75 @ Tesco Instore

LocalFound 30th Mar 2013
Brand New Boxed Clearance Item. Instore at Tesco Extra.

Found these in the clearance section of my Local Tesco Extra (Spytty Newport) today.

They never had any more on the shelf but they were clearing a lot of audio equipment.

Could be nationwide so worth a punt.

Item Code:

9715 0295 1900 1457 3049 7507
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oh wow i so want these.
Fantastic price for these.
Great price but like all these Tesco deals probably store specific

oh wow i so want these.

+1. They really do produce excellent sound. Never found a tesco in-store bargain yet.
Wish my tesco did electricals....

All we get is blank optical media and **** games consoles...

i can't be the only one that misread that title..
Nope I misread it too, thought it was something that would normally be found in Ann Summers.
lol!! great price though , wish mine had them . Been wanting them for ages,
How these store-specific deals hit the top 10 for the day is beyond me!
This is a one-off reduced item...
This are a steal even at £100.
If you can find this, then it's bargain of the month
I'd love to get these for this price....
Clearly store-specific, why would you even bother posting this?
You could type that barcode into the self scan
I paid more than that for my used ones. Bargain. Store Specific though.
Just on my way down to my local store because I know they have these in stock and I will definitely pay only £49.75
I have these, paid sixty-odd for them. You will be seriously surprised at the power and clarity of the reproduction - it's very impressive indeed. If you're that way inclined it will power a house party, no joke. I eventually tore out my old 5.1 cinema surround and decided to go back to 2.1 with these instead. Sound meaty and clear for both movies and video games with my plasma screen and a headphones jack.
they are doing a lot of this half-price **** at the moment. Store specific. Ours had a Panasonic DAB/ ipod doc for £50, looked good, then I saw "sold as seen", then noticed that it was broken, the corner was snapped and other bits loose, and the remote was missing.

Has anyone else noticed that Tesco is increasingly resembling a car boot/ jumble sale in some areas of the store, a bit like Safeway before it hit the wall....

Clearly store-specific, why would you even bother posting this?

some just wanna show off
Picked up a own brand pizza yesterday,half price as it wa going out of date, maybe store specific as well. Tempted to post it as a deal.
Ermmm, has anyone apart from the OP actually managed to find these?
Congrats on winning the Tesco lottery
Shouldn't these be in the local deal section? Hate these kind of deals that benefit a very few, if that.
A bit ridiculous that this is so hot, great deal for the op.
Very bizarre the deal is third hottest of the day when no one other than the OP's even confirmed they've got the deal
good luck with getting your wild goose... err. I mean soundsticks....
I have these , had them a few years now there great speakers and look very cool.
Nice price and crackin speakers. Have the mk 2 myself
bloody bargin
Great speakers, nice treble and punchy bass. Mid-range is a little weak but setting the equalizer to 'vocal' on my PC helped.
I also have the Mk 2's. This is not Nationwide.
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