Harmon Kardon AVR-155 - Richer Sounds - £249.95 (RRP £450)

Harmon Kardon AVR-155 - Richer Sounds - £249.95 (RRP £450)

Found 28th Mar 2009
RRP £450 - the closest I've found to this was £319

From their site: " Using independent front and rear power supplies and high current components, the AVR155 offers punchy audio which sounds far more powerful than its rated figure suggests - Harman Kardon are very conservative when it comes to power ratings so don't be put off by this! Matched to the first rate amplification is a top quality Cirrus DSP (Digital Sound Processor) and 192Khz/24-bit output DACs. The upshot is, whether you're listening to music or watching films, the AVR155 gives you class-leading realism, dynamics and precision of sound.

In addition to the usual Dolby and DTS processors you'd expect the Harman Kardon AVR-155 also features Logic 7. Exclusive to Harman Kardon AV receivers, Logic 7 is an advanced surround sound mode that extracts the maximum surround information from either surround-encoded programs or conventional stereo material. It's a system widely used in their expensive car audio systems commonly found in top-of-the-range Range Rovers and BMWs."

I appreciate there's £5.95 delivery charge. Alternatively, you could collect one in store and take the printable free headphones voucher with you.
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Ive got one of the older versions of this amp off ebay a while ago, and its great! Crazy amount of inputs, lots of nice features, and a cool blue glowing ring in the volume dial! What more can you ask for. Oh, and it sounds good too.

looks like a good price but not very well rated in What Hi-Fi
It doesnt do HDMI sound pass thru , which is a pity as I would have taken the plunge if it had

It doesnt do HDMI sound pass thru , which is a pity as I would have taken … It doesnt do HDMI sound pass thru , which is a pity as I would have taken the plunge if it had

thanks for the comment - I'm not going to buy this as I have a denon but I would've expect all the amps these days (at £400 RRP) to have this...
Slightly off the topic,

Anyone know where i can find the best price for a Denon AVR1909 ?
is this receiver better than the onkyo HT-S6100?
i had one for a couple of weeks as a loan amp whilst waiting for my onkyo order. I have to say i didn't rate it, no true hd and didn't impress really in any way. The onkyo blew it out of the water in every aspect (admitedly my 876 is much more expensive but ive heard a 606 and it was still much better). At £249 this is a good price but spend a little more and you really wont regret it.
For the same price get an Onkyo 576 or a Sony STRDG820, both do audio over HDMI (truehd)
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