Harmony Group 0/1 Merydian 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat was £50 now £35 in Baby Event @ Asda George

Harmony Group 0/1 Merydian 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat was £50 now £35 in Baby Event @ Asda George

Found 2nd Apr
Fab price for this very highly rated car seat, was £50 & is now £35 with free C+C.

Fits children: Birth – 10 kg, rear-facing with harness; 9 – 18 kg forward facing with harness


• ECE Compliant: Group 0/1
• Fits children: Birth – 10 kg, rear-facing with harness; 9 – 18 kg forward facing with harness
• Full body side impact protection
• 2 harness height adjustments
• 5 point harness with up-front, 1-hand harness adjuster
• 1-hand, 4 position recline
• EPE Foam throughout seat
• Ultra-plush, premium fabrics with extra comfort foam throughout seat for maximum comfort (shoulder and crotch pads included)
• Plush infant insert cushion (head & body insert)
• Ultra-plush seat pad is removable for machine washing
• Modern smooth and contoured design
• 2-year warranty

Whether you are bringing baby home for the first time or navigating the open road with your toddler, families count on the Harmony Merydian 2-in-1 combination car seat as the ideal solution for transporting your child. This group 0/1 carseat is suitable for newborns up to 10kg in the rear-facing position, and for your toddler in the forward-facing position from 9-18kg.

This premium multi-stage 2-in-1 car seat is comfortable, easy to use and comes packed with plenty of convenient features including a full 5-point safety harness with a 1-touch, smooth upfront adjuster for the perfect fit on every trip.

The Merydian’s full body impact protection with its deep supportive head and body structure coupled with the high-density foam cocoons your precious cargo and disperses energy away from your child in the event of a crash.

The Harmony Merydian’s stylish and modern seat design includes a 1-hand, easy adjust 4-position recline so that you will be sure that your child will be comfortable in either mode. The ultra-plush seat pad made with premium, durable fabrics and extra high-density comfort foam ensures the coziest ride and is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. The smooth-contoured seat-saver design protects your car’s upholstery while the smooth surface protects your hands during installation.

At Harmony Juvenile Products, we understand families because we are a family that is fully dedicated to providing safe and comfortable products at affordable prices. We are committed to fulfilling our promise to help you travel with peace of mind knowing your family is well protected.



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This seat comes up on offer in Asda every so often.

It's rear facing only to 10kg (little unusual almost all convertible seats rear face to 13kg) . Legally baby must rear face for a minimum of 9 months, ideally as long as possible. Depending on your baby's build 10kg might be tight to get 9 months out of the rear facing option.

From 9 kg it is used forward facing to 18kg or until the toddler is too tall for the seat, whichever happens first. Usually get to around age three and a half in toddler seats depending on the build of the toddler. On this seat there have been queries on the length of the straps and the position of the buckle. So might not get as long out of it?

Seems good value if your driving / use is generally around built up areas with speed limits that are reflective of minimum crash performance standards. (To provide adequate protection in 30 mph forward impact and 20 mph rear impact.)
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Wouldn't be putting a toddler in a forward facing car seat!!!
Thanks.. ordered. Heat added
Forward facing from circa 9 months? Cold from me
I can't see any independent safety reviews of this car seat, so I'm struggling to agree that it is very highly rated. I would always go for one that does have those assessments, as there is a lot of variation in how safe these seats actually are. There have been other deals on this site for seats that have serious weaknesses in them.
There is no legal age restriction on weight-based child seats, a baby could use this seat forward facing as soon as they weigh 9kg no matter how young they are.

That’s why the latest regulations have brought in an age restriction on forward facing of a minimum of 15 months. However this ONLY applies if your baby is in a new seat which has been certified under the new R129 I-Size regulation.

Even so, at 15 months a rear facing seat is still a lot safer than a forward facing one. I’m following the Swedish way of doing things with my child, she’s still rear facing aged 5 (and is petite so she’ll stay in her rear facing seat until she’s at least 8 years old) and then she’ll move to a high backed booster, skipping the forward facing harnessed seats altogether.
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I found this in store for £25 @ small heath birmingham

I would urge anyone who has bought this seat to read the manual VERY CAREFULLY. This seat can ONLY be fitted with an automatic locking retractor seatbelt (which are what American cars have). Very few cars in the uk have ALR seatbelts, those that may have them are usually the Japanese makes like Honda and Toyota. Our seatbelts are generally the emergency locking retractor type, which don’t lock until you are in a collision and which run freely until you give the seatbelt a sharp tug which will lock it.

See page 17 of the manual harmonyjuvenile.com/media/wysiwyg/Instruction_Manuals/UK/Merydian.pdf The individual instructions for fitting the seat rear facing and also forward facing have instructions on how to engage the automatic lock on the seatbelt after you have finished installing the seat, which in most European cars you won’t be able to do.
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