Harness Orbing Experience for Two People (Zorbing)  (Brighton) - £30.88 delivered @ Red Letter Days!

Harness Orbing Experience for Two People (Zorbing) (Brighton) - £30.88 delivered @ Red Letter Days!

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This Harness Orbing Experience for Two People (Zorbing) has been reduced to £35 @ Red Letter Days and looks like loadsa fun! This experience gift is £50 + everywhere else I have looked ....

To get it for just £30.88 delivered - Use Discount Code: skyrldxmas

Take a spin with us within a giant ball cascading over pretty Sussex countryside. You and a friend will hop into a giant inflatable hamster ball, otherwise known as an orb. You will first be securely harnessed by your hands and feet, then you will be rolled down a hill. Since this giant ball can reach speeds of up to 30mph as it flies down the UK's longest orb run, you will be truly be head over heels! Turn over and over with your heart in your mouth as you descend. But don't worry, trained safety professionals are on hand to catch you. The huge grin and head-rush you are likely to be sporting when you finish are almost obligatory side effects! Afterwards, feel free to relax in the surroundings with friends, family and other orb participants for the rest of the day, watching others roll. For extra entertainment, the organisers even lay on music with a live dj and a barbecue - enjoy!


20% quidco as well apparently

Shame its not closer. hot

Doesn't look like quidco will work

"Please note that you will not receive cashback on your Red Letter Day purchase if it is used in conjunction with any other voucher codes."

I tried this (at Brighton) a few months ago. I paid 50 for it - it was great, but does make you feel quite sick and only last for a couple of minutes. It bounces a lot as it rolls too!

Well for just over £30, should be good for a day out. Bargain.

Hot... you can do this in Dorset for £35 direct from Zorbsouth. Nice little saving - great fun too. Go for the Hydro ride for a little more fun...

you can't go on living your lives inside a bubble............:whistling:

not a good idea to vomit (or worst!) when you are using one of these


thats my nan sorted for christmas! :thumbsup:

I take it she is rich and you're her fave Grandson :-D .

Does anybody know if teenagers aged 14 can go zorbing?

Yes they can aslong as they are accompanied by an adult

Availability: Every Saturday and Sunday from April to November.

so you have to wait 4 months for the present?

looks fun?

i've been and it is very fun, pounds your head as its bounces a bit but its a good laugh in the summer.


Does anybody know if teenagers aged 14 can go zorbing?

At the place where I went (probably the same as this place), there was a minimum height of 1.5 metres and max weight of 15.5stones. They said we would need to fill out some forms before my sister (who was 15) did it but we didn't even fill the forms in and they just let her go in.

yeah do we buy and wait till april ?

You'd be better off getting the 20% from quidco that using the voucher if you have quidco, You can't use the two in conjunction

A little wary of red letter type things after the last incarnation went into liquidation.....

This is the type of company that I can see going down in the next few months - I'm staying away from this

is saying the promotional code isnt working?
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