Harness Orbing for Two £41.09 at Red Letter Days

Harness Orbing for Two £41.09 at Red Letter Days

Found 2nd Jul 2010
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* Roll around upside down in a huge orb
* Reach speeds of up to 30mph
* This is the UK's longest run
* Availability Friday, Saturday and Sunday from March to September

Want to test your will, bravery and nerve? Take a spin with us within a giant ball cascading over pretty Sussex countryside. You and a friend will hop into a giant inflatable hamster ball, otherwise known as an orb. You will first be securely harnessed by your hands and feet, then you will be rolled down a hill. Since this giant ball can reach speeds of up to 30mph as it flies down the UK's longest orb run, you will truly be head over heels! Turn over and over with your heart in your mouth as you descend. But don't worry, trained safety professionals are on hand to catch you. The huge grin and head-rush you are likely to be sporting when you finish are almost obligatory side effects! Afterwards, feel free to relax in the surroundings with friends, family and other orb participants for the day, watching others roll. For extra entertainment, weather permitting the organisers even lay on music and a chargeable barbecue - enjoy!


Wish my guts could stand this type of activity!!! Bargain if you're brave enough!

Did it in New Zealand! great fun! plus if you were at IOW festival, this is what Pink used to 'surf' the crowd!

Must be roasting inside them things when the sun is out

Would help if you put location


Would help if you put location

Location is Brighton so it is probably the Devils Dyke one (YouTube videos available).

I have to say, I did this is New Zealand (the harness one, not the aqua one) and thought it was well lame. What surprised me is that you are not thrown all over the place as expected, you simply go head-over-heels again and again and again without much bouncing or change of direction (watch a video). It gets old pretty quickly. If you are going to try it though, this looks like one of the best options.
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