Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies DVD £2 Instore at Asda.

Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies DVD £2 Instore at Asda.

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Found 22nd Sep 2008Made hot 22nd Sep 2008
Bought this used for £3.50 off ebay not long ago, and though it was a good deal, a pretty funny film even if you don't have the munchies. 3.93 on asda's online site. There are also a few other good dvd's for £2 instore, including rat race, billy elliot & the 40 year old virgin. (spotted at farnborough branch, but should be nationwide.)


one of the funniest movies i've seen and a bargain at this price!great find heat added

they had them in sheffield today too :thumbsup:

Love this film, a bargain at £2. Not only that but Asda had a lot of very good films in dirt cheap too. Billy Elliott / Stir of Echoes at £2 each, and The Holiday at £3 are the only ones I can recall though.

I thought this was tragic.

£2.99 on hmv for those that don't have an Asda

amazing movie

Awesome film seconds ones even better!



I thought this was tragic.

i'll 2nd that.

taj was better in van wilder :-D

is this also called ... Go To White Castle?

yep also called that but the name changed so europeans can be familier with the title and know what the film is about

love this film!! voted hot!

this ones far better than second as it much funnier.second one was bit drag and too gross and not that funny.

They had quite a few films at this price, tho can only recall 'My Stepmother Is An Alien'

Gutted... never had it in my local store

The bird in the elevator that Harry fancies is soo hot! I only watched the film coz of her lol
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