Harold Lloyd: Collection: 9dvd: Box Set £14.99 HMV or Amazon

Harold Lloyd: Collection: 9dvd: Box Set £14.99 HMV or Amazon

Found 8th Sep 2010Made hot 9th Sep 2010
Genius, and now as cheap as its ever been for 9 DVD's of timeless entertainment!

Disc One
* Safety Last! (1923) (With Audio Commentary)
* Girl Shy (1924)
* An Eastern Westerner (24 mins)
* Mini Biographies
Disc Two
* The Cat's-Paw (1934)
* The Milky Way (1936)
* Harold's Hollywood Featurette (8 Minutes)
Disc Three
* Why Worry? (1923)
* Dr. Jack (1922)
* Feet First (1930)
Disc Four
* The Kid Brother (1927)
* Bumping Into Broadway (25 mins)
* Billy Blazes, ESQ. (13 mins)
* Home Movies (28 mins)
* Leonard Maitlin Featurette (20 mins)
Disc Five
* Hot Water (1924)
* Now Or Never (35 mins)
* High And Dizzy (26 mins)
* Get Out And Get Under (25 mins)
* Greenacres Featurette (15 mins)
* Remembering Harold Featurette (11 mins)
* Keep ‘Em Rolling Featurette (15 mins)
* Finding Harold Featurette (3 mins)
Disc Six
* Speedy (1928)
* Grandma's Boy (1922)
* Never Weaken (29 mins)
* Haunted Spooks (25 mins)
Disc Seven
* A Sailor-Made Man (1921)
* For Heaven's Sake (1926)
* Number, Please? (25 mins)
* Among Those Present (35 mins)
* I Do (24 mins)
Disc Eight
* Movie Crazy (1932)
* Welcome Danger (1929)
* From The Vault (47 mins)
Disc Nine
* The Freshman (1925)
* From Hand To Mouth (22 mins)
* Ask Father (13 mins)


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A pair of glasses and a smile... I'd add heat twice if I could!

Hooray for Harold Lloyd!

This was a great deal when I picked it up for £17.99 a few years ago.

Hot hot hot.

pure genius!

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I'm not sure if they still include them, but in my set from a couple of years ago there were some photo postcards taken by Harold of Marilyn Monroe

p.s. I notice deal link not working correctly so:

HMV link here

Amazon link here

Ah... Takes me back to my youth. BBC 2 in the early evening.



Top stuff. Got this a few years ago secondhand for £20 and considered it a bargain back then. Shame Lloyd isn't nearly as well known these days as as his contemporaries Chaplin & Keaton, he was more popular back then and a way bigger box office success. Buy this and enjoy some insane stunts that put Jackie Chan to shame, and amongst the best physical comedy ever committed to film.

(Yes I am a fan)

Now £34.99 at HMV but still £14.99 at Amazon.

Great deal for top TV.

Is this the Time Life version with the commentary - like off BBC2 many years ago?

Thanks best comedy ever
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