Harold Lloyd Definitive Collection 9 dvd Box Set Now £17.99 again @ HMV delivered
Harold Lloyd Definitive Collection  9 dvd  Box Set Now £17.99 again @ HMV delivered

Harold Lloyd Definitive Collection 9 dvd Box Set Now £17.99 again @ HMV delivered

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This box set was this price a while back but recent months it had gone back up to £49.99. The american version of this set is going for $89.98 on amazon! There is also the added bonus of the UK set having something the american set is missing, Lloyd's first talkie feature and a set of prints of Marilyn Monroe taken by Lloyd himself . All the extras from the US set have been included in this set too, including:

Mini Biographies
Harolds Hollywood
Home Movies
Leonard Matlin Featurette
Remembering Harold Featurette
Keep 'Em Rolling Featurette
Finding Harold Featurette
USC Gala Dinner
AFI Seminar
Old Gold Comedy Theatre
City Of LA Fiesta Parade Promo
World Of Comedy Trailer
Social Security In Action
The Academy Awards of 1957
Introduction to THE FRESHMAN
Memories, Secrets and Gags
Image Galleries
The Works Of Harold Lloyd
Selected commentaries with Leonard Maltin etc.

People may not realise today but his films made more money than Chaplins. He was the common man of silent cinema who people identified with. His comedies were also action movies with fantastic stunts which he did himself. Jackie Chan says he is greatly influenced by him. He is an overlooked genius.This is an essential purchase for all those interested in cinema history. Get it before they put the price back up!


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Great clip on youtube of him in action

Great set, been a huge fan most of my life and much better than Chaplin in my eyes :thumbsup:

hurray for Harold Lloyd !

dun dun dun-dun dun dun dun duuun dunn

a pair of glasses and a smile

its 49.99 or am i missing something


its 49.99 or am i missing something

hmmm, I just went to buy it and was greeted with the same! I think I'll wait!

Explain to the little Jays on a regualar basis, that

when we were kids, children's TV was an hour a day, with crap cartoons bout some taffy dragon, dubbed chinese legends and black & white programs that never even had people speaking in!

They look at me like I was born in the stone age.


Luv it ....

Yip, I see it is still £49-99....

Harold Lloyd: Collection: 9dvd: Box Set … Harold Lloyd: Collection: 9dvd: Box Set [LIST][*]£49.99[*] free uk delivery[/LIST]

great if it was £17.99......

It defo was £17.99. I managed to get one.


dubbed chinese legends

MONKEY!!!!! :thumbsup: classic and still fantastic - i wonder if you can get a dvd boxset...

Expired, I got it as one of my xmas pressies when it was this price, and the month before it was this price and went back up after being listed on here. There seems to be a pattern with HMV, I think an influx of orders pushes the sales price back up to RRP...give it a month and no doubt you will be spotting this for 17.99 again, great box set, well worth the 17.99


Just noticed Amazon have it for 24.08, whilst not 17.99 those that are impatient to wait on a possible HMV price drop again in the future may as well pump down the extra 6 quid and buy it from there as its still vastly under RRP


Captain Kak;5217541

It defo was £17.99. I managed to get one.

must only have been on offer for a few hours then!!

It's been at £17.99 for at least a week - I finally succumbed to it last week and delivered yesterday :thumbsup:

It's also been up and down over the past year at this price so I'm sure it will come back


hurray for Harold Lloyd !dun dun dun-dun dun dun dun duuun dunn

*laughs* I was thinking exactly the same thing!

Glad I had insomnia last night then, have had a delivery confirmation at £17.99 :-D

Original Poster Banned

Sorry guys. Looks like buyers have bumped the price up again . I hate HMV for doing this with there prices. Its really annoying. I'll keep wathing it and repost if its reduced again. Im sure it will be

Also got this for christmas, brings back a lot of happy memories of watching these a nipper during the summer holidays.

My cheapo dvd player can't read the menus though and picks extras instead of some of the features.

Excellent set.
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