Unfortunately, this deal has expired 1 February 2023.
Posted 26 January 2023

Harpic Powerplus Toilet Cleaning Tablets, Citrus, 8 tablets - Pack of 6 - £3 each (minimum quantity: 3) @ Amazon

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Harpic Powerplus Toilet Cleaning Tablets, Citrus, 8 tablets - Pack of 6
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. louiselouise's avatar
    I got one last time (always have a vague assumption that it depends on your fulfillment centre).
    psmith1958's avatar
    I got the full amount

    I've also noticed inkahol is delivered by car now the new Bournemouth delivery depot opened x
  2. pied_piper's avatar
    Received one box last time. These are not as good as they claim. I find regular liquid harpic more effective. (edited)
  3. T3SLA's avatar
    Who's demolishing their bowl so frequently that they need 144 toilet tablets???
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Look out for the eBay listings.
  4. flipper118's avatar
    Scanned some of these in Sainsburys with Smartshop and they were 21p a pack...needless to say I cleared the shelf.

    Was marked as Clearance and £2.20 on the ticket.
  5. samwants2save's avatar
    I've always received 6packs of 8 tablets. So there's hope yet
    ScoobyZ's avatar
    Same here.
  6. mancuk87's avatar
    Ordered the 3 worth a shot
  7. Nayno's avatar
    Arrived. £9. Not bad.
    49420713-yOrwT.jpg (edited)
    louiselouise's avatar
    Ours took a bit longer but we got the same this time around - arrived today via Evri!

    Last time I ordered (could order one instead of minimum purchase 3) I got one packet.
  8. CH_0120's avatar
    Thanks OP 18 boxes received, Bargain
  9. fabs35's avatar
    Arrived! Thanks Jay_Ma!!
  10. stevenandrobbo119's avatar
    Mine arrived too. 24 boxes for £9!!
  11. MrFlipFlop's avatar
    My lot arrived today too
  12. Jay_Ma's avatar
  13. Nayno's avatar
    here we go again.... last time ordered i was unlucky and only got 1 pack (free after complaint)

    this time its min 3 order.... so does that mean you should get 18 boxes for £9 ??? (edited)
  14. CH_0120's avatar
    Ordered, will see what turns up, Thanks OP
  15. KatsudonVince's avatar
    It says a minimum quantity of 3 and it is temporarily OOS. Is that correct? (edited)
  16. botchtista's avatar
    Only received one box last time
  17. crfleetwood's avatar
    I also only received one but Amazon refunded me and I kept the box.
  18. ahotukdeal's avatar
    how do these compare with vinegar and baking soda?
    psmith1958's avatar
  19. Anewchange's avatar
    These go in the top of the toilet?
    umasood90's avatar
    No, in the toilet itself
  20. jai247's avatar
  21. papik.papikyan's avatar
    I don’t really understand how this works? I tried and it’s not foaming at all. Just dissolves in water and that’s it. Need to brush anyway. So why to overpay?
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Works by magic!
  22. Retailtherapy's avatar
    Astonish do a whole box of them for about £1..
  23. Jay_Ma's avatar
    @ather7851 credit to him Thank you for helping us to save 🙏🏻
  24. Blackhorse's avatar
    Dispatched, I ordered 6 boxes!
    Fingers crossed it should be enough loo tablets for a year or two!
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