Harris No-Loss Paintbrush Set (10 Brushes) At Asda Instore £5

Harris No-Loss Paintbrush Set (10 Brushes) At Asda Instore £5

LocalFound 11th Nov 2011
Harris No-Loss brushes, big pack of 10 in a variety of sizes for £5.

I've used these for years and although not quite totally free of 'bristle loss', they are the best ones I've used. They have been this price previously, but normally about £12-£15 for this pack.

This was found in Cardiff Bay Asda, but the SEL appears to be a national price, maybe someone can confirm at other stores.
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Very good price, I paid £11 + in Costco recently for VERY similar set. Harris is a good make and quality IMO:)
I bought these the other day. You're right in saying that they're not completely 'no loss', but they are definately the best I've used in a long time. It's an absolute bargain for £5 as at the beginning of the year I paid £10 for just four of these brushes at Homebase.
Good deal. Heat added...
I bought a pack of these last time they were on offer and can confirm they are very good quality for the price.
Very good price. In the past I've paid nearly that for a single Harris brush at Homebase when decorating because I know that they are good & they last.
I picked 2 packs of these around a month ago in Asda for £5, I am refurbing our house and these brushes have been used and abused and not single hair has fallen out. Very good quality.
These are the cheaper Harris brushes, not the expensive pig bristle ones that suck up half a pot of paint in one load .
These are ok but certainly not the best but at a fiver you can lob them in the bin after one job and get some more .
Good deal
much prefer poundlands 'lose pretty much every b*stard bristle' range

much prefer poundlands 'lose pretty much every b*stard bristle' range

I no ,they make a lovely textured finish,great with high gloss.
None of these in store near me, although they did have some other Harris brushes but it was a much smaller pack for about the same price
Bought the Harris set yesterday Asda Cheadle Staffordshire £5. Absolute bargain.
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