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Nikon D90 Body £452.95 delivered @ Harrison Cameras
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Posted 5th Jun 2012Posted 5th Jun 2012
Nikon D90 Body £452.95 delivered @ Harrison Cameras
Was this price a couple of weeks back at Camera World but that didn't last long. Fantastic bit of kit.
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I've heard that the canon is v good at video recording but since I have 3 lenses which are nikon and new to video shooting Im not sure what Im looking at for quality? heres a test vid of the 5100 AF anyway - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCbAnLbJv24 I don't get to play with mine till the weekend when im back home :(


Main reasons would be: Build quality Built in AF motor for older AF lenses Bigger brighter viewfinder Image quality especially in low light will be better on the new D3200, plus a 24mp image allows for excellent cropping potential. For anyone else commenting in photo threads: Lens does not have an 'e' on the end.


Just wanted to check that I didn't miss out on any good deals. I've just bought a 600D. Not as good as Nikon when it comes to pictures (not far off), but far superior video. When Nikon sort out AF for video shooting, I'll sell my Canon.


Body only - was on HUKD including that £50 cashback making it £385 :) I concur the D90 feels better and is semi-pro, but on the d5100 I couldn't resist the tilt screen, 1080p video and simply because its lighter and better low light condition pictures. If it was like for like in price I would get D90, but since I got it at difference of £70-80 I could use that for another lense (af-s 50mm). If I knew I was going into professional photography 100% i might of bought the D90, but then again if I was very sure I may have just stepped it up and got a D7000. At the end of the day both D90 and D5100 are great, if you want that final icing on cake you'll need to look at specific user requirements to decide between the two. Portability and versatility are quite high on my list, 5100 topped that. shlunk - I had a go on the 3100 not the 3200 but imo thats a very beginners camera, very limited settings and things to play (I even felt the 5100 was a little limiting compared to the d90, but acceptable imo)


D90 just looks and feels more pro, have a look first don't take my word for it...

Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM Lens £749.00 @ Harrison Cameras
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Posted 17th Feb 2012Posted 17th Feb 2012
Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM Lens £749.00 @ Harrison Cameras
Been looking for one of these for a while. Seems like a good price. Not sure about Harrison Cameras though, not had dealing with them. This is for a new lens not a second versions … Read more
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It seems to have changed ..... NOW £829.00 .... I hope those who wanted it got it?


Thanks for your input, supersinky2008 & dobson91. Just looked and Harrsons are pretty near to me so will pay them a call...


Also listed now on CameraPriceBuster.com as the cheapest price around for this highly rated lens at the moment. (I know as I have one). Cheers Sinky.


I remember going there a couple or years ago, flawless service. I also remember that the postcode was S2 4LR which I found quite amusing :{


Harrisons have been around for donkeys years!! I bought a camera and a couple of lenses from them, long before the internet became the norm for aquiring kit for a lot of us who are photographers. They are an independant photographic store based in Yorkshire.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera & 24-70mm f2.8 L Lens (save £250) = £2,278.99 @ Harrison Cameras
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Posted 10th Nov 2011Posted 10th Nov 2011
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera & 24-70mm f2.8 L Lens (save £250) = £2,278.99 @ Harrison Cameras
Save £250 when bought as a kit. Yes it's expensive and it is very specialised, however, this is a decent saving for those that can justify it... not me unfortunately :( According … Read more
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Because it's expensive... but unfortunately, if you want a 5d, there's no getting away from the price!!! Hopefully someone found this useful :)


Expired, price now climbed to £2549.00. Still, I can't understand why this was voted cold!


Each to their own - I owned both, kept the Canon... Awesome combo... Canon service superb for me, although only used about 5 times in 30 yrs..


Hot. Canon customer service has been excellent for me. /me shrugs


lens is awesome, paid about £700 for it 3 years ago

Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera and 18-55mm IS Mark II Lens Kit £597 @  Harrisons Cameras
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Posted 10th Sep 2011Posted 10th Sep 2011
Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera and 18-55mm IS Mark II Lens Kit £597 @ Harrisons Cameras
I was just about to buy this for £620 from Amazon when I noticed Harrisons are doing this for £597 which, as far as I know, is the first time it has dropped below the £600 mark. *… Read more

This now £589.99 at Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B004MPQXZ0/watersphotogr-21




Ditto. There's so much plain rudeness on this site sometimes that this just affirms that the majority of the human race are capable of decent behaviour. Nice to see.:3


The lens will make more of a difference than any consumer body that you buy. If you're new to dSLRs, I'd advise against diving into weddings for a *long* long while - after all it's one of several peoples' most important days, and there is a *lot* to get right. Even down to things like bringing at least 2 camera bodies, in case one malfunctions. Etc etc.... That's not to put you off starting out though - everyone has to start somewhere! Any recent dSLR - I'd say the 450D or above (and especially the 550D and onwards), would do absolutely everything you need for now. An external flash unit for facial shots and a good, wide aperture lens, like the 17-50mm Tamron f/2.8 or Canon 17-55mm if you can afford it, and you'll have the equipment to get some cracking pictures. Hope that helps


:I am an entry level to this game of DSLR. I have borrowed a 450D and loved the capability. My wife is starting a make-up business and I need to be able to shoot good facial images and also wedding / party / occasion shots. I have been told that the 50D is the right camera for this. Any thoughts? I would appreciate any useful advice. Thanks in advance.

Panasonic 20mm f1.7 Lumix G Micro Four Thirds Pancake Lens - £228 Delivered @ Harrison Cameras
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Posted 16th Mar 2011Posted 16th Mar 2011
Panasonic 20mm f1.7 Lumix G Micro Four Thirds Pancake Lens - £228 Delivered @ Harrison Cameras
The LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH., a pancake interchangeable lens, is based on the Micro Four Thirds System standard. It features a compactness and light weight despite its F1.7 bright… Read more

Should get mine tomorrow. Can't wait to get it on my GH1. Pretty tempted to sell my 14-45mm lens now and go for the 45-200mm.


I just called them and they offered the lower price of £225 so am very happy. Given what is going on in Japan there may well be shortages of goods made there for some time.


Price now gone up to £249 + postage so not so good now! Happened just as I added it to the basket!


Good price for a good lens! (OK it would be nicer if it were priced at £180 but we can but dream on!)

Panasonic DMC-GH1 DSLR camera - body only - £249.00 inc. del. @ Harrison Cameras
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Posted 31st Oct 2010Posted 31st Oct 2010
Panasonic DMC-GH1 DSLR camera - body only - £249.00 inc. del. @ Harrison Cameras
This is a crazy price for a fantastic camera, I imagine because it's about to be replaced by the GH2. Nearest price for body only I can find is £449.99 at Park Cameras. The camera… Read more
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hmmm, interesting there have been a lot of ' hackable GH1' body only cams listed on ( famous online auction site ) just days after this hot deal was found. if people keep doing this, one day all these retailers will stop offering the good deals and simply list the items on the auciton site themselves..... is this the mentallity of the UK public ?? see a hot deal and immediately become a tout ? very sad.


Apparently they had 40 cameras and 72 orders. They aren't alone in not having a live stock system, even the likes of Vodafone don't have one.


They aren't cowboys, but they seriously need to sort out a live online stocking system. Especially if they're going to do great deals like this regularly.


Sorry they cancelled yours. Others too have had cancellation emails. I got lucky and got mine this morning (after UPS told me they'd deliver yesterday- stayed in all bloody day!) It's hackable too, yes!


Order cancelled. What a bunch of cowboys!!

Lowepro Fastpack 250 Black Backpack £42.99 at Harrison Cameras
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Posted 12th May 2010Posted 12th May 2010
Lowepro Fastpack 250 Black Backpack £42.99 at Harrison Cameras
Go all day with the lightweight, comfortable Fastpack 250 backpack. It protects your digital SLR and 15.4" widescreen notebook compactly while providing generous storage for your o… Read more

This is definitely a bargain, it's really cheaper than anywhere else including Amazon and fleebay! I was choosing among Lowepro Slingshot 100 (a bit small), Slingshot 200 (no laptop compartment), Mini Trekker, Micro Trekker 200 and ended up with this Fastpack 250. Hope to get the bag soon but guess that I'll be completely happy :-)


Thanks for adding in the price including p&p zurich. It's more of a bargain for those living in and around the Sheffield area where they don't have to pay p&p, but still a great price. I was able to fit in my Canon 450D with Tamron 70-300mm lens attached, 18-55mm lens, power adapter and battery charger, memory cards and there's still plenty of space for another 2 or 3 lenses.


Fastpack 200, admittedly a shade smaller, was a good tenner less than this on these pages within the last week. That is probably why some of the cold. Also show a picture of a girl in lingerie rather than the product itself. That usually guarantees heat.


Good price, but many people tend not to vote these hot


Total Cost: £47.94 including p+p. 3quid cheaper than fotosense and 5quid cheaper than amazon. cheapest but not by much.


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