Harrods Up to 50% off Confectionary Sale

Harrods Up to 50% off Confectionary Sale

Found 7th Mar 2007
Mothers Day coming up, grab a bargain:

NEUHAUS DELIGHT: Less than 1/2 price - £49.95

PRESTAT COLLECTION: 30% Off - £14.95

NEUHAUS COLLECTION: Half Price -£16.45

HARRODS SWISS SELECTION: Buy 1 get 1 free - £69.00

HARRODS ENGLISH SELECTION: 200g Extra Free - £22.50


Link wont work

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Works for me.


You could go to [url]www.harrods.com[/url] and click on Clearance at the Top and then Confectionary.

If you can afford to spend this much on chocolate when it's full price you've got an absolute BARGAIN at half price! Voted HOT.

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It's all about mothers day with this!

Bear in mind this is all left-over xmas stock they couldn't shift. Some of the Best Before dates are only 3 weeks after Mother's Day. But if your mum is only worth some near-expiration date chocolate, go ahead. :giggle:

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My mum certainly wouldn't leave chocolate laying around for more than a week :giggle:

I keep getting error page when adding to basket, is anyone else having trouble? If not could someone try to add something to a basket and let me know if it works, Thanks in advance

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You need to enable cookies it's saying on my computer.


There's how to do it.


You need to enable cookies it's saying on my … You need to enable cookies it's saying on my computer.http://www.google.com/cookies.htmlThere's how to do it.

Thanks now working. :thumbsup:

Thanks for this

Don't forget Quidco offer 12% cashabck (I forgot and spent £35) and you can pay via paypal which is very helpfull

its still not letting me view each product


Yummmy ... thanks for the pointer Winchy
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