Harrods Xmas Grotto 2010 booking opens 16th September 2010
Harrods Xmas Grotto 2010 booking opens 16th September 2010

Harrods Xmas Grotto 2010 booking opens 16th September 2010

Harrods Xmas Grotto Bookings start 16th Sept online
have put this in Freebies as the £5 booking gets refunded to you on your rewards card
there is a link on the page to apply for one
Our new Christmas Grotto booking service will enable you to reserve a specific time slot for your Grotto visit, so you shouldn't have to wait for more than 40 minutes. Tickets will be available to book online from 16th September. Please note that all adults and children require tickets to enter the Grotto.
Tickets are free of charge with an administration fee of £5 per booking. This will be re-credited to your Rewards card and available to spend in Harrods on the day you visit the Grotto. The £5 cannot be spent on photographs or grotto items.


You must be a Harrods Rewards cardholder to book Grotto tickets


So basically you can't take the kids to see santa there unless you're a Harrods Reward Cardholder!!

Thanks for posting about this as i normally take the kids to Harrods but think they did something last year that put me off and ended up taking the kids to Selfridges whcih was absolutely fantastic!!!
It was set in a winter wonderland with santa's express train and the kids got a ride on the train, brilliant.

Hope someone posts up about the selfridges 1 because i'll definitely be going back there this year.

What is wrong with this site.I can't even edit my comment!!!
New site driving me mad!!!

The "COLD!!" was directed towards Harrods, not the OP

I really do not want to hurt the feelings of the person who has posted this. Just my experience, went 2 years ago and was so, so disappointed. We waited in what I thought was a kind of corridor decorated like an old library type room, a fairy came and gave us a lollipop and a bottle of water and then the door opened ..... 3 portakabin type cubicles and there we were ushered to meet Father Christmas. So that corridor was actually meant to be the fairy castle? Rubbish. However Father Christmas was very good, chatty, witty, funny talking to the young and the old and my 18 and 16 year old son and daughter accompanying me and their much younger sister thought he was hilarious. But really disappointing when it comes to decor, reckon any shopping centre in the country does better.

Brilliant thanks for posting. Been waiting for this to be up. been the last 2 years and the girls loved it. it's free to get a rewards card btw.

isnt this july.. am i in a twilight zone or is this just a tad early for all this... race against the machine needs to spread its wings imho. agree with the selfridges.

We went 2 years ago too well 18months ago. Have to say i was very dissapointed too we made a day of it as we were travelling from Leicester. For a shop the size and staure of harrods the grotto was poor not very magical at all like someone said above just a corridor with painted walls

Ive seen better at tesco in beaumont leys and thats saying something

It looks like they have spent a few hundred pound to build it.They should of spent £20-£30k building one it would of been small change to the owner considering the price of items in the shop.

I wouldnt recommend going at all. I did hear selffirdges was good though and i did have tickets for that too but chose harrods over them wish i hadnt now but wouldnt next time

Why dont you all write to Harrods then and tell THEM? Harrods has that cachet, so if they upped their game, they'd get a lot more business.

ps. If booking opens 16 September, post this on the 15th. I REALLY object to having Christmas stuffed into my face in July.


i asked about this the other day. you gotta be prepared if u have limited dates you can take your kids as we do, given hubby can only do weekend this year and baby due in dec so need to go early. booking early is essential so thankyou to OP.

aint that shocking, what a way to conufse a kid take them to see father christmas when it's still just the end of summer, what's next easter bunny fireworks, Michaelmas pancakes? - eeee it's not like when I were a youngun.

thanks for the heads up we've been the last 2 years & the kids love it there

The booking opens in sept the grotto opens on the 6th ov Nov

booked our tickets

dame, missed all the decent slots.

We have visited the Grotto today (8th Nov - a bit early I know but it's all we could get) we had a two hour train journey up to London with high hopes of making it a day out.

We were VERY dissapointed. We had booked a time slot but still had to queue for AN HOUR! in an undecorated corridor (no seating, access to refreshments or toilets) with a two year old this was a very lengthy wait.

We were told by an assistant that they let 80 PEOPLE in PER half hour slot (so the times you are given don't really mean anything).

When we eventually got to Santa we were there no more than 4 minutes and got a picture taken which we were then charged £18.00 for.

No Christmas trees, 2 characters walking around (Peter Pan theme this year) and there was a Mrs Christmas and a Giant bear thing??

Overall a BIG let down. Our local garden centre makes more of an effort!
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