Harry Hill: Further Adventures Of The Queen Mum  (Book) only £2.00 delivered @ HMV

Harry Hill: Further Adventures Of The Queen Mum (Book) only £2.00 delivered @ HMV

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Found 2nd Dec 2011
Excellent price and thought this was a nice stocking filler for any Harry Hill fans; elsewhere delivered:-
The Book Depository £8.56
Books etc £10.15
WHSmith £10.82
Tesco £10.84
Amazon UK £11.69

A full-colour picture book with the late Queen Mother as the heroine. When the QM reaches heaven, she has a happy time mixing with the good and the famous from the past including John Lennon, Marilyn Munroe and Tommy Cooper. The God asks her a favour. Can she revisit earth briefly on a mission for good? She agrees and find sherself transported back into a dark alleyway in the path of a mugger. The QM confronts him and asks him what does he think would happen if everyone flouted the law in the same way. The mugger takes her point, and goes and gets a job in a call centre instead. When the QM returns to heaven, God has another job for her - a supermodel is in trouble ... This gentle, funny book contains three Queen Mum adventures, all told in Harry Hill's inimitable comic style and illustrated by his own full-colour artwork.
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Is this a true story?
Also - Death Of Bunny Munroe Nick Cave and Hell Of It Charlie Brooker for £2 each at a quick glance. Cheers Andy.
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Is this a true story?

I believe so
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