Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince £2.99 (In-store)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince £2.99 (In-store)

Found 7th Jan 2007
The Adult cover of the half blood prince is now £2.99 instore at Borders. Since this is the latest book in the series anyone interested will most likely already own it, but definatley a good price for anyone looking for both covers or for anyone whose book is looking a bit battered.
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Nice price Thanks for the pointer pawnstails!
Are these based in the UK? As the contact link only shows US address? Thanks
Doh! Of course they are :giggle: In-Store ;-)
sorry, yes they are in the UK heres the uk web address bordersstores.co.uk/
Thanks for the link I appreciate it!
[SIZE=2]Here's their store locator: ]http//ww…er/[/SIZE]
Oops. The original link was broken and I accidentally linked to the .com instead of the co.uk site
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