Harry Potter books 2 for £7 Tesco Direct, free delivery

Harry Potter books 2 for £7 Tesco Direct, free delivery

Found 14th Dec 2016Made hot 14th Dec 2016
Just topping up the Niece's Harry Potter book collection and the cheapest I could find them were Tesco, on 2 for £7. Free home delivery was a nice touch too. Happy days.

Ps. these are great books, and get increasingly dark as the series progresses. Good for adults as well as older children. Don't be fooled by the films, these got this massive for a good reason!


good find OP

Good find op, heat added

When I look at the picture of this post, I am sure I see Flamedeer oO

Good find! You must have very good research buddies

Beats the old covers. When I was a kid I thought Harry Potter was the author and that the first book was about train spotting.

There are people who don't own these already?!

for anyone interested in buying all 7 books, amazon has these for 3.85 each but 3 for 10:


works out slightly cheaper and has them all in stock - Prisoner of Azkaban sold out in Tesco

That's Magic


Good find
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