Harry Potter Complete Blu-Ray box Set £17.99 @ Amazon

Harry Potter Complete Blu-Ray box Set £17.99 @ Amazon

Found 3rd Dec 2013
Just received an email from Amazon about the daily deal

"Today only, save 34% on Harry Potter - The Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray]."

Good price for the complete box set and could be a great Christmas present.

It appears that you'll also get a £1 promotional credit to be used at the Amazon MP3 store from buying this.
- Illusionary


Yep, just grabbed it as i got the mail as well. This gonna get SMOKING.

Best (better?) price I think since this time last last year, Hot!

this gunna get hawt!

And that's the price i was waiting for! Kerching! Bought. Merry Christmas to me. Heat added

just got this email too, cheapest i've seen, ordered !

I've just been on Amazon and seen this - I can't resist at this price!

100° in 23 mins....I reckon over 1000 by 9am :-)

Now I just need to buy a blu ray player! Thanks OP

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If anyone uses Amazon music Store, you'll also receive £1 credit for MP3 downloads. It's pretty much a song for free in anyone didn't know about this.

Brilliant deal just in time for Christmas. Hot.

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Now I just need to buy a blu ray player! Thanks OP

No worries, ENJOY!

yeah awesome deal, just in time for Xmas

Been waiting for a really good price from a good retailer for this blu ray set! Great deal

Cheers, got it for £17 with student discount!

Cheapest I've seen this! Hotttt

Incredible price! Shame I'm not into these movies (or books), heat added anyway though

I knew this would be this price again this year! Got it last year - bargain!!

never watched one ,are they good films

I do like me xmen ect

I was in hmv a few hours ago mulling over wether to get this at £24.99, thank god i put it down, Bargain!

Great price.. thanks OP

+ heat! Ordered!! Thank you OP!!

Good shout - ordered, nearly bought yesterday as well from zavvi for£24.99! HUKD does it again!!

My first xmas present purchase. Cheers OP.


Brilliant nearly bought this in asda the other day at 29 pounds. Ordered this deal. What a bargain

Nearly bought it in asda 29 pounds. Bought this deal what a bargain :).

This has been sitting in my wish list for a couple months now! Bought, cheers OP

I EXPECTO (PATRONUM) that this will be a popular deal!

Started my Blu-Ray collection just now ! Just need to buy a player device now hahah HOOOOOOT


100° in 23 mins....I reckon over 1000 by 9am :-)

I wasn't far off! nice one OP!

BOOM !! What a deal. CHeers OP !!

I wanted to buy this for £25 on base.com just yesterday but my card was declined (thanks Barlcays!). Blessing in disguise.

Absolute bargain!! 1000 degrees by 8!!! Hot HOT hot

Great deal just ordered, thanks!


What a bargain .. hot hot hot!

great, just ordered. thank you very much OP

Bargain, ordered. Thanks OP.

Ordered Cheers

Very nice - hot !

Heat Added, thanks

Smoking hot!
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