Harry Potter T-Shirt (Mens) only £3.00 @ Tesco Direct

Harry Potter T-Shirt (Mens) only £3.00 @ Tesco Direct

Found 12th Jan 2015Made hot 18th Jan 2015
A pretty simple t-shirt but great for a Harry Potter fan. Free click and collect


Ordered on for myself, thanks

Men's? It's for children

Perfect for informing the world that you still live at your parent's house. Even the model looks uncomfortable wearing it.

Can't see it on the Link, I think it might have expired

Can't believe any grown man would wear this!

what a loser

Free CRB check with every order!

Jeez. Would anyone actually wear this? If it said Barry Pothead it might be a tiny bit more acceptable!


what a loser

+1 (_;)

that's just sad , wear this, next stop the undateables ;-)

This product is not available to view.

I never ever watched Harry potter ..... not sure why the obsession over it to be honest unless your a kid.

awesome stuff

Great T-shirt - I can only seem to find the ones with the Houses on though - choose from Hufflepuff, Sliverden, Griffindoor or Ravensclaw

Hey I'm 24 and I have a super mario T shirt what's all the fuss? what are you guys 70?

Look at all these lovely, cool judgemental people.

Any grown man caught wearing this should have his hard drive checked by operation yewtree.
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