Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1:  2cd + Bonus Dvd + Bonus 7inch Soundtrack Set @ HMV £24.99

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1: 2cd + Bonus Dvd + Bonus 7inch Soundtrack Set @ HMV £24.99

Found 21st Jun 2011
Next best price on this is £44.99 and upwards.

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The seventh and final adventure in the Harry Potter film series is a much-anticipated motion picture event to be told in two full-length parts.

The Limited Edition Collectors Set provides a unique insight into the music behind the film and is a must have for all Harry Potter aficionados. It includes exclusive Bonus and behind the scenes footage of the making of the soundtrack as well as authentic autographed material all brought together in a stylish and collectable boxset.

Contained in this set:

Soundtrack CD with 26 Tracks From the Film (CD);
Bonus CD with 6 Extra Tracks of Unreleased Music From The Film (CD);
7" Vinyl Picture Disc (comes in 7.5" by 7.5" clear plastic sleeve);
Exclusive Unreleased Poster (11" x 24" folded in half to 11" by 12" Standard 100lb gloss paper);
Original 35mm Film Cells + Frame with Easel (5"x7" - comes in plastic sleeve with attachable easel back);
Autographed Sheet Music (11" by 17" - folded in half to 11" by 8.5" Standard 100lb gloss paper);
Numbered Certificate Of Authenticity (4" by 6" - printed on 12pt postcard stock);
DVD with 5.1 Audio + Documentary Video Interview (DVD5 - NTSC).

Track Listing
1. Obliviate
2. Snape to Malfoy Manor
3. Polyjuice Potion
4. Sky Battle
5. At the Burrow
6. Harry and Ginny
7. The Will
8. Death Eaters
9. Dobby
10. Ministry of Magic
11. Detonators
12. The Locket
13. Fireplaces Escape
14. Ron Leaves
15. The Exodus
16. Godric's Hollow Graveyard
17. Bathilda Bagshot
18. Hermione's Parents
19. Destroying the Locket
20. Ron's Speech
21. Lovegood
22. The Deathly Hallows
23. Captured and Tortured
24. Rescuing Hermione
25. Farewell to Dobby
26. The Elder Wand

Bonus Disc
1. Voldemort
2. Grimmauld Place
3. The Dumbledores
4. The Tale Of The Three Brothers
5. Bellatrix
6. My Love Is Always Here


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Very good price - thanks for posting this deal !

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Very good price - thanks for posting this deal !

You're welcome, I knew someone would find it useful
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