Harry Potter Years 1-7 (Hardback) - £32.98 (£4.71 each)

Harry Potter Years 1-7 (Hardback) - £32.98 (£4.71 each)

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In a true Scottish way of putting it, I "made an erse" of my original post, so here goes again!

Was browsing Red House and noticed they have a deal for the seven Harry Potter books (Philosopher's Stone, Chamber Of Secrets, Prisoner Of Azkaban, Goblet Of Fire, Order Of The Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows).

Buy Deathly Hallows (for a higher-than-average £12.99) and you get the first six books in hardback for £19.99 (instead of £29.99) - a total of £32.98, or £4.71 per book.

Seems an excellent deal to have them all in hardback, brand new, particularly as they'll all get more popular now that the new one's out. Free Postage and Packaging on all Red House orders as well.


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I've deleted my initial thread as I am a tube. Post all comments in here please

seems a good deal:)

yeah well done Gaz, you were right originally, then you were wrong, now youre right again ! good deal.

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Yeah mate, I am indeed an idiot. Gotta love these Monday Morning Blues! ;-)

very good deal ordered :P thanks x

Nice find. heated!

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You can't get the £19.99 deal without buying the Deathly Hallows, so you'd have to spend the £29.99 on the set.

No, if you don't buy Deathly Hallows you pay £30 for the box, not £20, so you're talking £35 the lot, which is more expensive...

excellent deal, been looking to buy all the other books cheap after i got the last one for a fiver.

They shoiuld keep me busy for a while


Is it not cheaper to buy them all seperately?

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I haven't checked everywhere, but brand new, Amazon are selling OOTP for £11.74 (not including delivery) and HBP for £10.19 (not including delivery).

Really i cant understand why Adults would want to read about some geek with glasses running around with his geeky mates :giggle:

Ok book for the kids but come on this is aimed for them not for Adults..

Does he die in the end or what? lets bloody hope so , dont think i could stand hearing about it again lol

he just gets horny in the end!

{sigh} I've posted this offer three times over the weekend and it was ignored every time... :cry:

The price is fair "if" you want the hardbacks. You will be able to buy the paperbacks a good deal cheaper though. PErsonally I would rather read a paperback anyday.

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I'd rather read a paperback as I destroy books with the amount I read them (in the bath and such), however hardbacks look nicer on a bookcase for display.

OFTP is only £2.99. I saw a deal posted on here earlier.

Whats the best price for books 1-7 in paperback ?


Whats the best price for books 1-7 in paperback ?

The 7th won't be out in paperback for about a year

Went to buy this and was already out of stock

Harry needed a bit of loving!!!!! anyway i used redhouse and they delievered everything really quickly.
I received the final book the same day it came out so they are really fast and my books are fantastic!!!!

They are very reliable


Ordered this deal on 23/07/2007 @ 1:30
Had Stock Online!
They sent me the 7th book within 4 day.
Just chased up the 1st 6 and they've cancelled my order! No Stock!
Sending book 7 back, thanks alot redhouse.
Won't be buying anymore books from them.

Mine's been delivered!

All present and correct! Thanks for th OP!

white_hart, when did you order?
Did you go for cheap delivery or pay for next day?

They're collecting Book 7 back off me tomorrow.
Had the free book £1 delivered today!

Red House, What a shower...... Wouldn't recommend them.
Customer Service is a joke.

Right were else can I get all 7 hardbacks cheap?


i've got all 7 books received at the same time though..
love them!!

where else can I get all 7 hardbacks cheap?
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