Harsh Realm: Complete Series: (3 DVD boxset) - £10.99 delivered @ HMV !
Harsh Realm: Complete Series: (3 DVD boxset) - £10.99 delivered @ HMV !

Harsh Realm: Complete Series: (3 DVD boxset) - £10.99 delivered @ HMV !

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Harsh Realm: Complete Series: (3 DVD boxset) - £10.99 delivered @ HMV !

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Synopsis: Written and produced by the X-Files' creator Chris Carter, Harsh Realm tells the story of the ultimate virtual reality experience. When soldier Thomas Hobbes takes on one last mission to trial the latest in military combat training he has to fight to get back to the real world" and to determine what is real and what is merely virtual.


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The dark and fantastic Harsh Realm, a science fiction series about a war fought by flesh-and-blood humans trapped inside virtual reality, was launched by ][COLOR=#003399]The X-Files[/COLOR] creator Chris Carter in 1999 and died a regrettable, premature death on the Fox channel after three episodes. The remaining six shows found sanctuary on the FX network, and then Harsh Realm slipped into history, its wild story, based on a comic book, far from resolved. Perhaps Harsh Realm's ratings failure had something to do with its broad similarities to the hugely popular The Matrix, released only a few months before, or, for that matter, David Cronenberg's 1999 eXistenZ, in which characters fight for their lives inside a video game. Whatever the reason, enough time has passed to take an objective look at Harsh Realm, and there is a lot to be admired in its high level of imagination, complex plotting, and cutting-edge production values.

Scott Bairstow stars as U.S. Army Lieutenant Tom Hobbes, a decorated hero who risked his life rescuing a buddy, Major Mel Waters (Max Martini), during a peacekeeping mission in the former Yugoslavia. Set to return to civilian life and marry his fiancée, Sophie (Samantha Mathis), Hobbes is summoned by a mysterious superior (Lance Henriksen) and asked to test-run Harsh Realm, a virtual reality war game devised by the Pentagon. Once he begins, however, Hobbes is mentally imprisoned in the dangerous game (his body, along with those of hundreds of other "volunteers," is cared for in a secret military hospital), where he is identified by other, desperate captives as the savior they've been awaiting. D.B. Sweeney is very good as another soldier, Mike Pinocchio, whose sense of mission is re-awakened by Hobbes and who becomes a partner in an endless effort to defeat a madman named Santiago (Terry O'Quinn), who rules Harsh Realm from within. As with The X-Files, the nine episodes in this boxed set are each very striking on their own terms, with post-apocalyptic sets, constant surprises, and that special Chris Carter touch (fans of his ][COLOR=#003399]Millennium[/COLOR] will like Harsh Realm, too) that makes every story look and feel like a collision of a nightmare and a crisis of faith. --Tom Keogh

Got this DVD collection. A very good series. Shame they never ended it.

To be totally honest with you, I've never heard of this:oops:
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