Hart To Hart - Season 1 DVD 4.49 @ Blah

Hart To Hart - Season 1 DVD 4.49 @ Blah

Found 2nd Mar 2008
Less 8% quidco = £4.13 !

This popular TV series from the early 1980s was created by the bestselling novelist Sidney Sheldon. Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) is a self-made millionaire, the owner of a huge corporation called Hart Industries, while his wife, Jennifer (Stephanie Powers), is a well-known freelance journalist. Their opulent household is rounded out by the Harts' loyal housekeeper and sidekick, Max (Lionel Stander). The glamorous husband and wife are constantly getting pulled into cases that challenge their amateur sleuthing abilities. They roam the world, mingling with the glitterati while constantly encountering crimes to solve. In the first season, a young boy claiming to be Jonathan's illegitimate child might be hiding a duplicitous scheme, while a story Jennifer writes puts the Harts on the trail of a killer of prostitutes. The comedy and intrigue continue from Vail to South Africa, as the Harts pursue blackmailers, murderers, smugglers, and kidnappers all in a day's work for this dynamite team!


'When they met it was murder'
I love Hart to Hart - cheesy but entertaining.

Love this show.....and always wanted to get a dog and call it freeway...sad I know ;o)

Great Show very retro.....

Still available-but the price is now £4.89.
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