Hart To Hart - The Complete First Season DVD (6 discs) - just £3.00 delivered @ Sendit!
Hart To Hart - The Complete First Season DVD (6 discs) - just £3.00 delivered @ Sendit!

Hart To Hart - The Complete First Season DVD (6 discs) - just £3.00 delivered @ Sendit!

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Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers are Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a pair of wealthy amateur sleuths in Hart To Hart. As a self-made millionaire and head of Hart Industries, Jonathan Hart (Wagner) would seem to have it all. He and and his beautiful wife Jennifer (Powers), a former freelance journalist, are able to live the high life. However, their inquisitiveness and love for hard work still keeps the Harts active and busy. And as amateur sleuths, they seem to always be finding themselves on the brink - or right in the middle - of danger. Their fabulous wealth makes it easy for the Harts to travel far and wide, sometimes just for pleasure and sometimes on a case. From London, Paris and Athens, to Hawaii, Mexico and Asia, to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Jonathan and Jennifer - along with their trusty, gravelly-voiced butler, cook and chauffeur, Max (played by Lionel Stander) - always seem to be where the action is. A lovely - and loving - couple, the Harts never lose faith in each other as they take on the tough cases that they always seem to find...or that find them!


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Episodes Comprise:
1. Hit Jennifer Hart
2. Passport To Murder
3. Jonathan Hart Jr.
4. Death In The Slow Lane
5. You Made Me Kill You
6. Murder Between Friends
7. Cop Out
8. Max In Love
9. A New Kind Of High
10. With This Gun, I Thee Wed
11. The Man With The Jade Eyes
12. Colour Jennifer Dead
13. A Question Of Innocence
14. Night Horrors
15. Which Way, Freeway?
16. Downhill To Death
17. Raid
18. Sixth Sense
19. Does She Or Doesn't She
20. Cruise At Your Own Risk
21. Too Many Cooks Are Murder

Hot deal. I wonder how much they paid Max. Not enough I imagine.

"When they met it was moyder."

I used to love this when I was a kid, it's seem naff now though. Hot deal still.

You beauty!


Meet max, no he is not a dug!

A quality find. Cheers.

great price,and still love this programme


sad - just sad

although I loved it when I was 8

some things are best left in the past lol

Wasn't the dog called Freeway?

Hot hot hot!!!
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