Hartleys 10 calorie jelly 4 for £1.00 in farmfoods-all flavours

Hartleys 10 calorie jelly 4 for £1.00 in farmfoods-all flavours

Found 17th Apr 2014
£1 for four. Great deal, also had watermelon flavour, they are all nice! Great for dieting!
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Good price. Any of the flavours suitable for vegetarians?
not alot of flavour to them
, they r very bland
Fab if you are counting calories!! Cheers!!
been getting these for a couple of weeks good deal
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Sorry never noticed if any suitable for vegetarian but don't think so! The aldi strawberry sugar free is good also for dieting, is only 29p I think and I put their frozen raspberrys in it, can use these wee tubs n put cling film over for work! God can you tell I'm Scottish? Lol
Yes they are suitable for vegetarians. No gelatine yay!!!
Actually not 100% sure on the red ones due to food colourings
ooh thanks
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Oh even better!
Have been getting these for a while, great thing to have after a meal if you're not quite full!
these were on a deal in Asda @ 4 for £1 so this is a great bargain!
4 for £2 at my morrissons, so hot from me
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