Hartley's 'Best' Strawberry & Vanilla Jam £2 @ Asda

Hartley's 'Best' Strawberry & Vanilla Jam £2 @ Asda

Found 28th Apr 2009
Hartley's 'Best' Strawberry & Vanilla Jam is normally £1.18 in Asda and online. You can get 2 x 340g jars for £2 up until 31 December this year. Strawberry & Vanilla? I hear you say. Never heard of that one before? Well, once you try it you'll want to stock up the cupboards for years to come. It is like spreading strawberry ice cream on your toast/sandwich it is that good.

Ok, it's jam and it's not likely to win any health contests but my word it is the nicest tasting jam I've ever had.


Sounds very nice, will have to get my hands on some.

Me too.

Me three!!! :whistling:

ooooh tempting

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Well, I admit that I eat far to much of it really. I always have a couple of croissants spread with this in the morning for my breakfast. Bloody lovely
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