Harvest Moon Magical Melody Wii £9.99 @ Comet *instore only*

Harvest Moon Magical Melody Wii £9.99 @ Comet *instore only*

Found 18th Jul 2008
I noticed Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 was £9.99 on the website but not available to reserve, only delivery, so went to my local store to check if they had any. Instore it was stickered at £14.99 so I asked the assistant to check the price for me to see if it was the same as the website. Up it came, £9.99, right having that! While he was browsing through the stock levels I noticed this little gem - Harvest Moon Magical Melody Wii £9.99! Bagged! I now have a very happy DS-version-obsessed mum Not on the website yet as far as I can see but my store had 3 copies in stock.

Take a trip down to the farm and live off the land in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for Wii. Enjoy the relaxing pace of daily life in the fertile Forget-Me-Not-Valley, where you can plant and harvest crops, explore the sights around town or even settle down and get married!

The freedom to do what you like means its up to you if you want to head down the mines and swing your pickaxe for cash or forget your troubles and indulge in a spot of fishing. However you want to live, theres plenty to see and do as you work the land and make friends with the unique locals in the rural haven of Mineral Town. When you do knuckle down to some hard work on your plot, you can get the job done by moving your character around with the Nunchuk Control Stick and swinging your Wii Remote to replicate the action of using axes, watering cans and other tools of the trade. Just dont work too hard, or your energy will drain away and youll pass out!

After your land yields some crops you can sell them on and buy yourself some new assets for your field - cows and sheep for example! Before long youll be competing against other farmers at festivals and making a name for yourself as a champion cultivator. You might also want to take time decking out your country cottage to suit your tastes or pursue the woman of your dreams by sending them a gift or two!

Of course, life isnt all plain sailing, and the people of Forget-Me-Not-Valley do have at least one crisis on their hands. Upset that nobody except the local Harvest Sprites believe in her, the Harvest Goddess has turned herself to stone. Only finding the 100 Harvest Notes scattered around the valley and completing the Magical Melody will reverse the spell and restore the goddess to her former glory.

With so much to see and do, youll quickly realise that however you choose to live, theres never a dull moment in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody!

- Swing the Wii Remote to use your tools as you work on your plot of land and grow crops
- Rear cows, horses, sheep and many other animals
- Buy farmland next to a river, a seashore or in a village
- Plant crops, raise livestock, dig for gems or just fish
- Beat your farming rivals in the fields and at the festivals
- Unlock hidden multiplayer games
- Interaction with town folk and even falling in love are major points of the game


Hot price! Will have to check the Comet in Norwich (on the ring road) tomorrow morning. My girlfriend loves Harvest Moon and our Wii gets very little attention these days.

None in stock, but I got the last Super Paper Mario for £14.99. That'll do, we've been waiting for that to drop in price as well.

I picked one up today for £9.99 at the Comet at Elk Mill in Oldham. My daughter has the game for her DS so i'm hoping that she will like it for the Wii. Cheers.

thanks my kids have been wanting this for ages!!- just rang local store- gateshead team valley.(got number from say not to 0870) and they have put a copy to one side for me till tomorrow. :thumbsup:

Thanks kids love this game!! they are girls aged 11, 12, and 13- will help keep them occupied during long summer hol!! :thumbsup:
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