Has Been Heroes £7.49 at Amazon.com Nintendo Switch (digital code)

Has Been Heroes £7.49 at Amazon.com Nintendo Switch (digital code)

Found 19th Dec 2017
Looks like a mobile game to me, but it gets very good reviews on steam, so I am probably being unfair

Has-Been Heroes is a challenging, lane-based roguelike game of strategy and action, featuring a band of heroes on a quest to escort the King's twin princesses to school!

Players control three characters during the journey and must focus on coordinating melee attacks, managing cooldowns and combining hundreds of different spells to create devastating combo effects, all in order to defeat an endless army of undead, summoned in their path by the Great Ghoul!

The rewarding strategy game features irreverent humor, expanding world maps and increasing levels of difficulty, compounded by the specter of permadeath. The massive quantity and randomness of spells and items, as well as additional unlockable heroes allow for thousands of new experiences, forcing players to change their playstyle each time they start a new game.
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I've put more than 90h so far and they updated the game with LOTS content in the last patch. I'll say that for a little bit less than 8 quid this is a bargain.
Got this on release, it's tough as balls and you'll sit there thinking the game is broken.

...until you figure it out, and the game actually becomes pretty fun. Lots of replayability too, tons of characters and abilities to unlock. I done a few playthroughs and moved onto other games, always want to go back to it but there's simply too many other games to play! Hell I still haven't even opened Xenoblade 2 from the £29.99 Argos deal!
Sorry but I would vote avoid. Much better on the eshop for the entrance price here. Asks a lots gives very little. Good to be balanced !
I thought Nintendo games were region locked?
PressPlay9 h, 53 m ago

I thought Nintendo games were region locked?

Not on the switch
I get this message "Exclusively for Prime members" I am a Prim Member just UK Amazon not USA Amazon
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