Hasbro Crocodile Dentist Game £3.99 @ B&M

Hasbro Crocodile Dentist Game £3.99 @ B&M

Found 19th Mar 2013
Cheapest I've seen this game! Popped into B&M and got the crocodile game for £3.99 ... £11.99 on Amazon and £3.99 in B&M. Bargain for a birthday pressie for my 4yo.

I'm definite it will be national but I got it from a Manchester store. There were lots left and lots of other great games reduced. B&M discount these toys anyway, but £3.99 is a steal for me
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Should be 99p one of the worse "games" ever. Very cheaply made. Was played once by my little one and has sat in a cupboard since-its now heading into the bin as its not even worth trying to sell on. Just my opinion.
I disagree........... granted this is a simple game but if you get the age range just right this game will be coming out of the cupboard! Its simple and the younger kids love it, well worth 3.99. Even if they play it once its still worth 3.99. Its just a bit of fun, also a well made product.

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love this game, i remember paying over £10 for this many years ago. heat added
I would say this would be more for a toddler than a 4-year-old.
That's who
This is a great little game! No mess and no pieces to loose Hot from me
Which Manchester store was it? I will pop down and see if there are any left. Thanks!
Belle Vue - On Hyde Road
My kids love this game & they range from 1-11! It is so portable so great to keep them (and other people's kids) occupied whilst one child is in a swim lesson etc.
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