Hasbro Power Tour Guitar only 12.50 @ The Entertainer !

Hasbro Power Tour Guitar only 12.50 @ The Entertainer !

Found 22nd Dec 2007
Bargain buy , currently in stock , not sure if vouchers are still valid but you could try
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Great price, had one delivered from the gadget shop this morning for £15. Everyone LOVES it, great fun even if we are all in our 20's :-D I've been playing the guitar since I was a kid and this is almost as good fun :oops:

There are some pretty good vids on youtube...

Plain white Tee's playing it on stage - youtube.com/wat…ZSY
Kaiser Chiefs playing it on Gonzo - youtube.com/wat…4U4
Still in stock was about to post up but seen already on here. 7% code still works,so should be valid for 2 more days according to the original post.Temped but think mine bit young for it but looks great.
Looks fun, thanks ]mandilou2001

I've added an image to your post for help on how to do this check out the links in my signature.

[image missing]

Anyone know what this really does??
Great price! Can't wait to get it!

Also used the 7% code in the vouchers section!
It's basically a single chord per fret, and an infra-red triggered strum. The above vids are a good example of what can be dnoe with it (not a lot!), but it's great for kids.
bought two for the kids to keep them.. quiet?..
Thanks for info...
What I wonder is why it's 10+ ? I played with one of these in theEntertainer before christmas and it seemed like it'd be ok for any age (3+). They wouldn't get as much out of the learning mode, at the very young ages, but a 10 year old should be able to play a real guitar, not something like this.
Ordered for kids 6th Birthday , Thanks:thumbsup:
i play the guitar, but this looks ace just to mess about with.
Gone for it thanks OP!
got 3yr old nephew one for xmas n he loves it. thinks he's a rockstar.That's when he can get it off his dad.
there is also 7% quidco!
Yeah these are pretty good. My 2 eldest twins had one of these each from their Nan for Christmas. I was surprised just how quickly I was able to find 2 sets of earphones after I found that there was a headphone socket for them on the side. Christmas morning has never been so quiet!

there is also 7% quidco!

Ordered one via quidco yesterday. Checked quidco today and cashback tracking showing as 'declined'. Anyone know why this may be, as order has been confirmed and is still showing in stock and at this price?

there is also 7% quidco!

There should be but it has been declined on mine as well :x

I cant wait, I mean my Son will love this for his 4th birthday!!:p:p

Nice find mandilou2001-- heat and rep added
Ordered one too - lots of stuff on youtube with this.
"pricedash.com" promotion took 88p off, wait & see if Quidco works - if not then £15.57 delivered
Rock on..........
Ordered Monday.
Got email today saying it was despatched this morning :thumbsup:

I don't use quidco though
hi i ordered one on monday 7/1 express delivery and iam still waiting on it 11/1 the company have sent it but do not know who with so i can not be tracked i just hope it is worth the wait cheers nic
ordered on 10th & got one today 14th
OH battling with Smoke on the Water in the background (she's c**p))
One tip; if you already have an amp, use a normal guitar lead with a 3.5mm stereo to 1/4" adaptor (£2 @ maplins etc) to plug this from the guitar into an amp to rock out big style....
yes it's a toy, but good fun - see youtube
Still in stock. Quidco declined. 7% discount voucher accepted so looks like one or the other allowed, but not both. Processing was slow (4 days) but then delivered quickly once processed. Payment taken the day it arrived. Rock on!
Got mine today :-D

White and black scratch plate :-D yahooooo

It's ace, i can play all the songs upto number 7, where i'm still trying to get the little hammer on bit right

thanks op

there is also 7% quidco!

I got one of these, and they declined my Quidco for some reason. No idea why.

It was only 88p, like
This is an excellent piece of kit, I'm really pleased with it (I seem to play on it more than my 4 year old"")

Was in Tesco's the other day and found these on the shelves reduced from £69.99 to £12.48, they had the black and white one but also had a white and black one.
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