Hatchimals In Stock Green/Pink Pengualas £68.09 @ Amazon.de

Hatchimals In Stock Green/Pink Pengualas £68.09 @ Amazon.de

Found 24th Nov 2016
Might be a blink and you'll miss it! Seems a bit more than I paid a few weeks ago, though.

Here's what I paid:

Order Summary Item(s) Subtotal: EUR 58,82
Postage & Packing: EUR 5,02
Total Before VAT: EUR 63,84
VAT: EUR 12,76 Total: Grand Total: EUR 76,60
Payment Grand Total: GBP 68.09 **

My orders say "Arriving 28 Nov - 29 Nov".

Seems to be limited to two per person? My sister wanted one for her niece, and her neighbour's little girl. Tried again and Amazon.de wouldn't let me add any more!
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We're sorry. The item Spin Master 6034333 - Hatchimals - Pengualas Version 2 (grün-pinke Sortierung), Farblich sortiert is no longer available from the seller you selected. To see if it's available from another seller, click here to return to the item's product detail page.
Yes, I got that, then I tried again and it added to basket! Might be a bug or they're all gone....
Page has updated to 98,99 EUR now. Guessing they're all gone till next time!
Darn it, gone already lol
25 min ago were available at Tesco online. Gone in a minute. Set up stock alerts especially from this weekend. Go to any website and sign in for stock alert. I think that is the only way. Was online since 7am for shopping some other stuff and got email that its available at amazon.it -lol - gone before I clicked the link. Then 4 min later got stock alert from Tesco online and just managed to snatch one. Hope it helps anyone?
Hatchimals Draggles Green just now in stock at Tesco. Now...
and gone... Did not buy any just one before
I managed to order one from amazon.it for £40 but someone informed me that they don't deliever to U.K. Did yours say that as I was so worried that the order would be cancelled, so I got one from tescos too.
Got email confirmation that order in allocated/confirmed?. Fingers crossed. Paid by cc but when clicked pay I noticed that my billing address is still not changed- LOL. Checked bank and it has gone through (collect in store option chosen). Fingers crossed double time - collection estimate 29th on November...
Good luck to you all...
Ive not had chance to order from amazon.it -OOS
I've found Stock Informer (if any of you are using it) dismal. If you're signed up you apparently get quicker alerts. I ended up manually refreshing my local Argos list for two Hatchimals as Stock Informer seemed too slow. The other day some came in for a store near me - added to basket, gone - but stock informer had an alert for that store 5-10 minutes later!

The Hatchimals that appeared last night on Amazon.de (which seemed to last about 15 minutes) didn't even appear on their general alerts list (which covers stores like The Entertainer, Amazon.co.uk/.es….it, Tesco, Very, ebay, Debenhams, Smyths, John Lewis etc). stockinformer.co.uk/che…als

I've noticed that the Argos links for Hatchimals now say "Out Of Stock" as of last night, so maybe they're not getting any more in? Eg Pengualas Teal Hatchimal argos.co.uk/pro…629 The Argos page says - "CHECKING SUSPENDED - Until further notice this webpage is not updating with stock of Hatchimals." stockinformer.co.uk/arg…als
And yes, I got two Amazon.de order confirmations about 10-15 minutes after payment. They now say "Shipping Today".

My original Amazon.de order for my sister's daughter on 28th October (took a few weeks to come into stock, though) was

Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal:
EUR 46,20
Postage & Packing:
EUR 5,02
Total Before VAT:
EUR 51,22
EUR 10,24
Grand Total:
EUR 61,46
Payment Grand Total:
GBP 57.17 **

So the price has definitely went up. But it's worth it if you're panicking and not keen on trudging round the shops!
Also, when I clicked on the link about half an hour ago, Amazon.de had Hatchimals showing at 69,99 EUR again (out of stock when I tried adding to Basket) but it implies they're getting more in on and off. Might be worth watching that page.
"Arriving Wednesday On the way" says my two, though my last Amazon.de order came earlier than expected
This is appearing at 69,99 EUR again and adding to basket! amazon.de/dp/…CA2

Edit: The two I recently ordered from Amazon.de (when I first made this post on the 24th) were due in Glasgow today but has been "delayed by a day or two". Hopefully everything is okay. Got my first order at the end of October from Amazon.de without a hitch.
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Dammit, seems to be gone again! Oh well!
The two that were delayed from Germany appeared two days later (today), not complaining, just glad they arrived!
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