Hatchimals pengualas 2 in stock £56.99 @ VERY - Free c&c

Hatchimals pengualas 2 in stock £56.99 @ VERY - Free c&c

£56.99Very Deals
Found 13th Nov 2016
Low stock but hopefully this link helps someone out who really wants one of these popular toys!
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Good head up for people searching for them
none left but heat added
Can't see the point in posting these deals as by the time you post, they are oos due to the amount of people constantly checking these sites.
This has been showing as in stock all morning but won't let you check out
Many thanx for posting this deal for use users.
Heat added BTW
Try stock informer if you are struggling. You can get Email updates when they go in stock. Helped me pick up a couple for the twins
Are these just a furbi in a plastic egg or do they do something different as I've bought my granddaughter 2 furbis which ended covered up in a cupboard because they were driving her around the bend at night. I would appreciate any info from an owner.They're reduced to €50 here in holland which makes me think they're not a hit here, many thanks in advance for any info.
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Thank you op for posting,no reflection on you but why don't Very wait until they've a decent amount of stock instead of baiting new customers to sign up mind you they are not the only ones using that very cynical ploy.Thanks for taking the trouble to post.
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