Hatchimals Surprise Pre-Order £70.67 at Amazon.co.uk

Hatchimals Surprise Pre-Order £70.67 at Amazon.co.uk

Found 30th Sep 2017
I was looking at pre-ordering one of these last night after discovering what was in the egg (a quick google should reveals the answer) and I had left it in my basket to sort this morning. When I came back I found the price for this one had dropped by over £4. It's listed as a pre-order and after ordering I have an arrival date of Friday (release day) so I'm hoping it's guaranteed now.

Last year these were nearly impossible to find after release, and I want to make sure I don't have to hunt one down this year.
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Honest question. What is it?
Can’t find out what this years looks like, not sure if it’s because I’m on my phone.
Doubt they will be this years pre-landfill "must have" Xmas toy. Too many excited kids got them last year and ended up going "meh"
My daughter loves her “Hatchy” from last year it’s still one of her favorite items and gets played with most days. Not sure he’s ever been worth the £50 I paid last year and defiantly not £70 this year.
I read they have twin hatchimals inside which can mimic you and interact with each other. Apparently a new hatching process from the previous pile of rubbish which had my daughter in tears on Christmas Day. As official release day isn't until Friday it will be tricky to find videos/photos of what's inside until then as it's not the official Hatching day as they call it. Was the same last year. I remember a video was leaked on YouTube early last year and was swiftly removed.
£70 for a stuffed toy in an egg? I’m getting old or missing something
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