Hatch'n Heroes Disney toys £1 @ poundland

Hatch'n Heroes Disney toys £1 @ poundland

Found 27th Oct 2016
Poundland are selling disney figures that transform for £1! i picked up buzz, woody ,alien, and both versions baymax from 2 different poundland stores so should be pretty easy to come across these, they also had the cars franchise so there may be many others.

video showing exactly what they are: youtube.com/wat…G3E

will upload a receipt shortly.
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picpaste.com/thu…peg why is it so hard to upload on here? is it just me? is there an easy way?
thanks v much. they look fab. where did you pick them up?
which poundland was this pls?
don't get the woody one. his limbs are too skinny and ours fell apart fairly quickly and easily after purchase. the buzz one is good though.
These are going for ridiculous prices online, especially ebay.
got the last woody and buzz in Wolverhampton
they have plenty of the buzz and woody poundland coventry hertford street
finally got mine today just as she brought the box out hopefully they are a big hit:)
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