Hauck Pushchair Multi Recline (5 Point Harness, Multi Postition, Swivel or Fixed Wheels, adjustable legrest, Hood & Basket) £25 @ Asda - Free Delivery to Store

Hauck Pushchair Multi Recline (5 Point Harness, Multi Postition, Swivel or Fixed Wheels, adjustable legrest, Hood & Basket) £25 @ Asda - Free Delivery to Store

Found 7th Oct 2010
Hauck Pushchair Multi Recline £25 @ Asda - Free Delivery to Store

Only 6kg - From Birth

The Hauck Buggy is suitable from birth to 15kgs (approx 3 years). It has a multi-position backrest, fold back hood with window, shopping basket, bumper bar, extended adjustable leg rest, fixed or swivel front wheels, and five point safety harness with comfort sleeves. Folds compactly to 83 x 44 x 20cm.

This sport buggy is incredible value and with some of the features you would expect from more expensive buggies. Compact and lightweight, great for on the go or as a second pushchair. It is suitable from birth, features a mulit position back rest and a fold back hood with a window. The extended adjustable leg rest and removable bumper bar help to provide a comfortable place for your baby. Comes complete with a large shopping basket, great help when you're out shopping or need to take your babies essentials with you. The Hauck Buggy has fixed or swivel front wheels and a five point safety harness so your baby is safe and secure. All this and it weighs only 6kgs!
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Decent second buggy, light and compact for the boot of the second car.
I bought this for £12.50 from Tesco about 2 months ago but found it quite hard to push and kept stepping on the wheels. OK as a spare I suppose
It gets some awful reviews so perhaps check one first elsewhere before ordering, even at this price ?
Do not buy this is the worst pushchair ever

Do not buy this is the worst pushchair ever

Cosmic. Can you elaborate and actually contribute to the debate with fact or anecdote?
There is no way on earth I owuld put my baby in one of these. They are dangerously flimsy.

These are the type that are seen at the side of the smoking areas at Jeremy Kyle auditions
We had a buggy made by this lot, fell apart - I wouldn't touch one again (not that I need one now, thankfully!).
No debate only facted really hard to steer and to tip back to get up kerbs
sorry "fact"
Owned pushchair for 1 day before returning it and after a long fight with 2 store managers getting a refund! (After getting them to demonstrate it with a my baby in and proofing how appalling it was!) It can't deal with curbs or even the slightest bump, my 12 month old spent exactly 12 minutes in it before I gave up and rather than push him home carried him and the useless pushchair because would rather lugg them both that trust the pushchair to safely carry him!
Even though I bought it at half this price (at the end of a previous baby event) it wasn't even worth that! I now have a 2nd hand off Ebay for £6.00 bog standard Maclaren and wouldn't change it for the world! The only place this pushchair should be is the tip!!
I bought this pushchair for 12.50 after the last baby event and stupidly took it away for a 2 week holiday to Egypt, it is worse than a shopping trolley to push as the previous poster said a slight bump or a curb and you basically had to lift the buggy. Nearing the end of our holiday my daughters arm got trapped in the side mechanism (the two side pulls that fold the pram) this was when I was attempting to cross a busy road and actually get the buggy up the curb without lifting the full pram up. Needless to say the day after returning from holiday I returned to the store for a refund, I did ask to speak to the manager who seemed to not understand what my husband and I were saying, showed him the digital photo of the bruise on our daughters arm, then they began to go on about compensation, I explained that all I wanted was a refund (to get rid of this pram) finally they gave me a refund. I would never buy this make of pram again.
bought one last event for 12.50. Family happy with it, report no problems so far, apart from grandma in shoppin centre and had abit of an accident tryin to get up the elevator when it got to the end, the wheels did'nt turn towards the little ramp bit.
"But my understanding of the swivel wheels at the front was that you need them to face the right way before they can begin to roll.. was that the problem?"
Demonstrated infront of wife and she was like..
"yes, yes i know....
but why does it do that then?"

With this particular model you have to exert a considerable amount of downward force to lift the front end up. Even when it's empty! (alternatively pull back abit before you push down)
The Pushchair is very smooth.
Overall, for the baby, a smooth ride, but this only come's when there's a professional driver behind the..ahem.. handlebars.:p
We bought this pram to keep in the back of the car for trips around town. To be honest that is all I'd use it for; definately not as a main pushchair. I tend to trip on the back wheels too & it can be awkward to get up & down kerbs but not so much a problem around town. It was bought by my parents so feel obliged to use it but know you can get better for your money elsewhere even if its not new. Its quite flimsy & feel sure it wouldnt offer much protection in wind or a downpour.
I bought this half price in the last baby event..when I put it together my little one seemed happy enough in it holding onto the bar but it was so hard to steer and really heavy for me and like others have said it would be a nightmare to steer up kerbs..so I took it back to Asda for a refund.

It's a shame really because it actually looks ok and my LO was comfortable in it plenty of room etc I only bought it to leave in the boot of the car but also my foot got caught on the bar at the bottom of the buggy and this was all before we even left the house that's why I took it back.

Still not get a second buggy yet I'm still looking.
best puschair i found is the maclaren triumph. got mine for £80 from mothercare 4 years back. still going strong.
Please don't buy this, it's not worth a tenner or even 5p actually.
Thanks for this great deal! It was featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!

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