Haunted by Amy Cross (plus 2 others) FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Haunted by Amy Cross (plus 2 others) FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Found 19th Feb
More horror freebies :-)

Returning to the small town where she grew up, Alex Roberts is determined to live a normal, quiet life. For the residents of Railham, however, she's an unwelcome reminder of the town's darkest hour.

Twenty years ago, nine-year-old Mo Garvey was found brutally murdered in a nearby forest. Everyone thinks that Alex's father was responsible, but if the killer was brought to justice, why is the ghost of Mo Garvey still after revenge?

And how far will the real killer go to protect his secret, when Alex starts getting closer to the truth?

HAUNTED is a horror novel about a woman who has to face her past, about a town that would rather forget, and about a little girl who refuses to let death stand in her way.

The Cabin: amazon.co.uk/dp/…J0/

“There are stories about this place. It's said that something really bad happened here once, in the room where we're standing right now.”

When Anna arrives in Norway to visit a long-lost friend, she expects to spend a calm, relaxing weekend at a remote cabin. Soon, however, she learns that some of the other guests are not what they seem, and the cabin itself has a dark history.

As the weekend continues, Anna finds herself being drawn into a nightmarish situation. A girl died many years ago in the cabin, and now someone is out to repeat the events of that horrific night. By the time Anna learns the truth, she's too late to keep herself from being dragged into the darkness. Whether she escapes, and whether her soul survives, depends on her ability to survive a series of agonizing attacks.

The Haunting of Emily Stone: amazon.co.uk/dp/…YAQ

Twenty-four years ago, Robert Slocombe thought he had proof that ghosts were real. British newspapers filled their pages with photos of little Emily being tormented by what seemed to be a malevolent spirit. And then the whole thing turned out to be a trick, and Robert's career was over.

Until now.

One day Emily Stone, now a grown woman with a child of her own, contacts Robert out of the blue and begs for his help. She claims that her daughter is being tormented by a dark entity, and that parts of her original story were true after all. Robert dismisses Emily's claims out of hand and tells her to leave him alone, but then a horrific incident forces him to go back to the scene of his greatest humiliation. Was the haunting of Emily Stone really a hoax, or was there a sliver of truth at its heart?
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Good freebie. Downloaded both books. Thanks for sharing.
Don't forget this has just gone free as well by Amy Cross


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