Haunted Homes DVD - Only £4.85 Delivered @ The hut - Was £19.79

Haunted Homes DVD - Only £4.85 Delivered @ The hut - Was £19.79

Found 2nd Feb 2010
Six ordinary families are too terrified to stay in their own homes because of strange noises in the night, dark figures standing over them, objects moving on their own and unexplained accidents.

Can leading psychic Mia Dolan, paranormal investigator Mark Webb and London University academic.
Dr Chris French help? Can any of them find a solution to the strange phenomena?.

Together they meet the families at their homes and investigate. In haunting that prove to be the most dramatic of her entire career, Mia must carry out an exorcism on each house. But first she must seek out each spirit to discover the secret of why they cannot - or will not - leave the house....

The Hassett Family:
With constant activity in the house, strange noises, cold spots and ghost sightings the investigation centres around a dark and spooky cellar.

The Munday Family:
Activity in their house increased when they started dabbling with a Ouija Board and invited a demonic spirit into their home.

The Scriven Family:
Experienced paranormal activity in their home over the last 18 years which they believed was harmless until they captured an image on camera of something far more sinister.

The Harris Family:
Heather Harris believes one of her children has been talking to ghosts. Mia believes the house contains a portal - a doorway to the other side.

The Elvin Family:
The whole family has seen the figure of a man who Mia believes is trying to get in contact with the family for a reason.

The Stevens Family:
After renovations on their house began objects started to go missing and things moved without explanation.
Is there a past occupant who doesn't want to leave?

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