Hawkin's pre - stuffed Christmas Stockings £25 @ Hawkins - Free c&c

Hawkin's pre - stuffed Christmas Stockings £25 @ Hawkins - Free c&c

Found 9th Oct 2017Edited by:"tommyjaylee"
Price edit - another user spotted these have dropped in price, unfortunately i've already bought 3 and have no need for more

getting these ahead of the curve this year - i know it's a little earlier but really struggled with these last year as they were sold out 24/7, got lucky and managed to pick one up for my niece and nephew!

Gone up in price a little this year but you get more in them - plus noticed they do them for adults as well so would be intrigued to see what they contain! ..

They say you get over £50 worth of gear in them and dunno how accurate that is but last years there was certainly some decent lil prezzies in here. £25 for a quick, easy extra present aint bad, especially for those family members you don't know what to buy for!

These worked well for me last year - don't know how good the adults ones r gunna be tho

They've also got a pretty decent sale on all the time, got some miniature scale cars in there for 99p which are decent and some good deals on RC cars.


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** All pre-filled stocking have now been reduced to £20 including Star Wars ones

Now better than half price!


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Does anyone know if the contents are the same in each stocking or are they randomly filled?
Is it not just all the trash the couldn’t sell in the year?
migavupe9 m ago

Is it not just all the trash the couldn’t sell in the year?

not sure - i seemed to get some decent bits in mine last year - kids liked'em anyways! and they get really goof reviews elsewhere!
Getting great reviews. Taken a punt and ordered a couple for my teenage boys. Cheers OP.
Hmm I bought 2 teens and 1 adult lad looked at them last night and tbh a little bit rubbish but that said we don't know if the teens will like them or not... if not it will be a talking point for years to come
I get these every year and just add a couple of bits to them. Managed to get a Star wars themed one, adults one and teen one this year! Kids (18yrs, 16yrs, 14yrs) are always happy with them and I would spend a LOT more than this building my own stockings !!
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