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LloydsPharmacy allergy reliever £7 + £1.50 Collection @ Lloyds Pharmacy

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You look a plonker but this does work!

Take button batteries and you stick the two prongs up your nose and press the button for an auto timed session which shines infrared light so you look like Rudolph

If you suffer badly from allergies take a punt on this gadget. Hayfever was debilitating before using this

£1.50 c&c if under £20 or free if over

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Additional 10% Off

Use code HB1021 for an extra 10% off


A simple and effective way to help to reduce the symptoms of allergies.

The allergy reliever from LloydsPharmacy uses red light therapy to suppress the cells that release histamine. Suppressing these cells can help to reduce the symptoms associated with hay fever and allergic rhinitis including; watery eyes and runny noses.

The allergy reliever can be used alongside other hay fever medication, and because it is lightweight and portable it's easy to use on the go when you need it. The allergy relieves comes complete with replacement nose probe covers which allow for multi-person use, so the whole family can feel relief from hay fever symptoms.


  • Uses red light therapy
  • Can be used alongside medication
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • Wireless device

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    use SB15LP111311 for 1.05£ discount
    It worked! Many thanks
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    Well as doctor I was ready to say what a load of rubbish, but actually there is evidence behind this, and after reading a few of the published papers, i'm going to suggest this to my patients who find nothing else works, frankly for <£10 there isn't much to lose.
    NICE overview linked below in case others are skeptical too.

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    Extra 10% off with HB1021

    Good one!
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    I strongly recommend hay fever sufferers try the Kenalog injection. You have to pay private as it's not available on the NHS. Get it early in the season, before your symptoms usually start. One jab for the whole year.

    It honestly changed my life...
    Might want to check this out:
    "Trained allergists refuse to give such injections because there is significant risk and Kenalog only has a transient impact on relieving hay fever symptoms" (edited)
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    This item works quite well, but... I wouldn't trust to order anything with Lloyds Pharmacy.
    They are going to close down shortly, and have been quietly closing/selling branches all over the country during this last year.
    All complaints directed at them in recent months, are largely ignored.
    Go into store rather than order online maybe.
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    I had one if these but kept getting coldsore on my nose
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    Ordered, even if it was £700 I'd have ordered it. Hay-fever is pure evil.
    Same worth a try cheers OP
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    I'm desperate. I'll try anything and everything...
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    Thanks I've ordered to have a go
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    just watched the video on the site. Might as well give it a go.

    10% off if you sign up to newsletter (edited)
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    Can't get c&c to show 😞
    How strange neither can I. I always get click and collect as the store is 10 mins away
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    I used this one year, it does work. Eats through batteries if using often though. I then changed from cetirizone tablets to loratadine instead and haven’t had to use it since
    I agree loratadine is the better but late last year tried those new Allevia ones which are a bit pricey but never mind which are fexofenadine. This year going for a full season of Allevia backed by the gadget and going to start before tree pollen hits (followed by grass then leaf mould so it's a long season to be suffering)
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    Thanks OP. Ordered.
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    Not sure if this is the same technology but I had Rhinolight therapy on the NHS back in 2020 which was effectively a light up my nose for 6 weeks and it did help a lot with allergies. For £7 why not try it I guess? (edited)
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    I’ve got an old one from probably close to 10 yrs back. You look like rudolf, but it can really work
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    Does this work for cat allegeries as well?
    It works for any allergy. The doctor in another post has put a link to a scientific paper which gives the science behind it.
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    Thanks for posting, BoynamedSue. It didn't offer the click & collect option for some reason. Worth a try if eases the hayfever misery that seems to kick in earlier, year on year.
    No click and collect for me neither. I really hope it works for you. Looking forward to feedback from everyone in a few weeks ... Good luck!
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    Dreadful. Check reviews for orders not turning up. I ordered 5 items. Money taken and nothing received. Now to battle with Customer Service 
    I haven't had an issue with any delivery from them however I have always used click and collect. The product, rather than the delivery, gets good reviews and certainly from my use of the product, it's a game changer. The dispatch system certainly needs a kick up the backside if reviews across the board are to be believed - if an organisation has one week of rubbish reviews on delivery, they would surely react immediately and do a time and motion on why it's failing so badly!