Hayfever/Allergy tablets (cetirizine -same as Zirtek) 30 tabs **28p & p&p @ ChemistDirect (so 270tabs for £5.47p INC p&p)
Hayfever/Allergy tablets (cetirizine -same as Zirtek) 30 tabs **28p & p&p @ ChemistDirect (so 270tabs for £5.47p INC p&p)

Hayfever/Allergy tablets (cetirizine -same as Zirtek) 30 tabs **28p & p&p @ ChemistDirect (so 270tabs for £5.47p INC p&p)

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These are unbranded and this is limited to 9 per customer but it works out to 270 tablets FOR £5.47P THAT INC P & P (as delivery is £2.95)
As a lifelong allergy sufferer these are categorically the cheapest I have ever seen these tablets
Save over £9 on high street chemist prices. 30 one a day hayfever & allergy relief tablets contain Cetirizine which is the the same active ingredient found in Zirtek. Zirtek retails for £10.85 in chemists and supermarkets. Cetirizine can be used to prevent and treat allergic conditions such as hayfever and allergic skin reactions. Exposure to pollen, pet fur, house dust or insect bites can cause the body to produce histamine. Cetirizine relieve the symptoms of histamine.
Size: 30 Tablets
£9 less than Zirtek - Non Drowsy
and you can use paypal to pay for these. so if you have cash that is sitting there festering in paypal, this is ideal
I havent got mine back yet, but when I last had some tablets from this company 6 months ago the expiry date was 2011!!


hi - is there a use by date on these?

This is stupidly cheap - excellent for those that suffer in the summer, and for those going on holiday - REALLY HOT.

Original Poster

I had some similar tabs from chemist direct a while back (they were also stupidly cheap!) and they expie in 2011!!!!!

The joys of summer

Fantastic price HOT!

wow - made hot 3 and a half months later...

Hot, Zirtek are the only brand that work well for me and these contain the same stuff. Will save me £50!!!!


Yep up until last year I too was paying what is now £7.10 a pack on presciption - great saving

Chemist direct....

I used them a few months ago for a bulk order of various bit's and bobs like antiseptic, shaving blades, showergel etc.

Still waiting for some items that were supposed to be in stock when I ordered but magically were not when it came for delivery....

It's a good deal but I haven't found CD to be the most reliable.

Still got 2 packs from last year from them and I've had to start using them already - gets earlier and earlier each year.

excellent find. Hope they work..thanks

I dread summer, it's not started for me as yet, touch wood, really hope this works

Mine started last week and usually lasts until the end of April. Bloody tree pollen.

yeah really good price thanks

Cheers nixx, ordered 9 and saved me around 90 quid!

Absolutely red hot.

They've also got the hayfever/allergy tablets which contain Loratine (the same ingredient found in Clarityn), but it's 69p per pack +p&p. Still cheaper than supermarket and branded packs though.

I can write private prescriptions and a lot of these prices beat the prices the NHS is charged eg opticrom alter (2% sodium cromoglycate) is 89p vs £2.67 (admittedly you get 13.5ml vs 10ml but for a 1/3 of the price you can't complain)

Fantastic deal!


Thanks, saved me a packet.:thumbsup:

This is awesomely cheap - will have to order some today at some point!!

thanks OP for the find

Prices have risen, shouldn't have put off odering until later. The eye drops have gone more or less to RRP.
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