Haynes Explains series inc Marriage, Pensioners, Babies & Teenagers was £6.99 now £5.09 delivered @ Hive

Haynes Explains series inc Marriage, Pensioners, Babies & Teenagers was £6.99 now £5.09 delivered @ Hive

Found 4th Nov 2016
Great little hardback manuals with very tongue in cheek humour explaining everything you ever needed to know about the four major life stages babies, teenagers, marriage and pensioners!

They are based on the format of the car manuals and include in the marriage one....

That New Car Smell (the honeymoon period). 'Honeymoon (n): the last holiday a man has before he starts working for a new boss.'* Depreciation (how endearing habits become annoying).* Pillow Torque (sex and romance). 'My wife is a sex object. Every time I ask her for sex, she objects.'* Crash Test Ratings (arguments and how to handle them).* Backseat Drivers (when the in-laws come to stay). 'It's important to retain a soft spot for your mother-in-law.


That Nice Young Man From The Village, The Carer Who Talks Too Much or The Curtain Twitcher Across The Road.Sections include:* Shock Absorbers (adjusting to the sudden change). 'Every evening she looks pleased when you say 'Honey, I'm home!' Until the evening you add 'forever."* Maintaining Residual Values (financial planning).*Rolling Resistance (lawn bowls and golf). 'Bowling is the ideal sport - a minute of exercise for every 59 minutes of drinking and talking.'* Unlimited Mileage Warranty (an RV and an open road).* Wear And Tear (the ageing process). 'Your body will inevitably sag in old age. Though on the plus side, you can have fun guessing what the tattoo used to be.'* Computer Malfunction (memory problems).

Each book is hardback and 40 pages long and at £5.09 delivered ideal for stocking filler, secret santa as I'm sure we all know someone who falls into on of these catagories...
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https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marriage-Haynes-Explains-Mini-Manual/dp/1785211048£3.49 delivered with Prime.

The rest are full price though and some people don't have prime....
shame only 40 pages, but the sample pages are bl00dy funny.
WH Smiths has them buy one get one has price, but if you buy any item first they give you a 20% of anything discount card. Using that to purchase the book as a second transaction will get you two for £8.38 making them £4.19 each.
Bought pensioner one for £3.50 in Morrison's last night . They also had the ladybird how it works ones at the same price . Two more items for the Christmas present stash
Had the 15% off DVD voucher from last month so got it for £4.23 also had money from checkout smart in my PayPal so a nice cheap gift for my brother who getting married next year haha
heat added !!
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