Haze on PS3 £5.95 Pre-Owned Instore @ BLOCKBUSTER

Haze on PS3 £5.95 Pre-Owned Instore @ BLOCKBUSTER

Found 21st Aug 2009
Also was:
Ratchet & Clank Tools Of Destruction (PS3) £7.95 Pre-Owned

Product Features
Impeccable FPS credentials from the developers of the critically acclaimed TimeSplitters series and the publishers of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Far Cry.
lay both sides of the same war: Evolve from a ruthless high-tech Mantel Trooper to a cunning Promise Hand rebel
ou'll be equipped with the most advanced gear and deadliest weapons and empowered by Nectar
xpose the truth, switch sides, and break away from Mantel�s control. Join up with your former enemies, and lead the rebels against the Mantel army.
utting-edge gaming technology exclusively developed for the PLAYSTATION 3
entirely streaming experience and the groundbreaking Conspire AI System, in which all enemy behaviors are entirely dynamic
ire up your console for online battles and choose from a variety of online modes


Original Poster

This seems just as good as call of duty to me - Don't see what the fuss is about and @ £6 this is a bargain.

Difference is this game is unfinished... buggy, short and a script written by someone with the mental age of 12. I played it all the way through...(only because my friend worked on some of it)

this was £% in sainsburys tonight:thumbsup:


Just picked up a copy from the Waterloo store in Huddersfield.

well worth £5.95 i,m sure got mine from game pre-owned for £5 a month ago and its def worth it lets face it even for 2hrs playing..

well worth it also i picked up from game/blockbusterforce unleashed pre-owned £9.99 and unreal tornament 3 £5

get some great bargains at the moment

A half decent 2 hour film for £5 would be vastly more enjoyable
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