Haze (PS3) £17.98 @ Amazon UK

Haze (PS3) £17.98 @ Amazon UK

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Found 16th Oct 2008
"Like all fictional global corporations Mantel is up to no good and it turns out their drug NECTAR is doing more than just making you a super soldier with increased speed, strength and accuracy. Highlighting enemies under cover from you, as well as grenades and bobby traps is all very good but the downside is it also turns you (and your teammates) psychotic if you use it too much. Worse it seems to sanitise the world around you, making corpses invisible and even obscuring the true nature of the landscape around you

Rebel soldiers are able to take advantage of the reality bending powers of NECTAR, such as playing dead to regain their health or using a special "weapons steal" move to make up for their lack of hardware (both of which moves work great in multiplayer). With arguably the most interesting storyline in any current first person shooter and a custom made graphics engine Hazes future looks crystal clear."


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Worth a punt surelyhttp://photo-shack.com/img/3dc4876f3f08201c7c76cb71fa1da439.gif


Worth a punt surely

Worth a punt at a tenner, no more

Well I couldn't find this under £20 the other day. Must say I was hopeful of finding it around the £10 mark, but this is the best price I've seen so hot

14.99 at comet
Product code 422320

will only buy for a tenner.
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