HAZE PS3 £8.99 Delivered @ HMV

HAZE PS3 £8.99 Delivered @ HMV

Found 29th Dec 2009
Was just having a look through their games and noticed this. Just placed my order. Better get in quick as this is No 1 most ordered game at the moment so stock must be going fast. Amazing price for such a newish game though!



They should pay you to actually play this game - terrible.

The hype behind this cr*p was crazy...

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Don't forget quidco 9% I think

EDIT 4% quidco actually!!

The ]company that made this game has gone in to administration due to poor sales, it's that bad.

sure this was posted pre Christmas Eve. was tempted then to get then but have to many games to get on with.

While this was "over hyped, had almost everything about the story released in developer diarys and looks to be another failed FPS ", i would still like to play at some time. Id prefer to ignore reviews and try to gain a informed personal opinion, despite the majority hating.

chances are at this price i will end up getting and adding it to the 20+ games backlog.

The game wasn't bad at all albeit a short campaign however great online features and some nice features that sets it a cut above most fps'. Free Radicals didn't go into administration due to Haze being "awful" it went into administation due to not being able to get a publisher for the new timesplitters
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