Hazelnut Lindor £1 Tesco Wishaw

Hazelnut Lindor £1 Tesco Wishaw

LocalFound 9th Feb
In the valentines section by the escalator. No idea if national. Bbe 06/18
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Thanks @dekemite not tried these, will keep a look out next time i'm in
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Got one tub last week in Banbridge and been on the look out ever since. These are amazing.
Got to try it
Would have cleared the shelf personally.
I would have eaten them all before getting to the checkout
Oh wow never tried these but need to go and look for them. heat added.
Aw I've been searching all my locals for these the last 4 weeks after they were originally posted on here for like £2 each but can't find this type anywhere
Also worth bearing the following in mind (if you want to stock up) :

A few years ago I went to a on a tour in "chocolate making" factory in South Wales. They told the group I was with that, if stored properly, chocolate will last indefinitely (assuming you don't eat it haha), and the only reason that a "Best before" date is stated is because of the laws relating to food safety. This applies to endless food types... gone the days of "common sense" - sighs.....

The give away for not having been stored properly is when you see white discoloured patches on it. Even then, I was also told it's perfectly ok to eat, but may not taste as good.
No hazelnut in my local store, and all other flavours were £4!
These are soo nice... Hope I can find some 😊
I hope i get these next time im shoping and i will take all,
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