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Hazro HZ27WC 27" 2K LCD IPS monitor, REFURBISHED 142.99 inc deliv UK
Found 20th Sep 2015Found 20th Sep 2015
Hazro HZ27WC 27" 2K LCD IPS monitor, REFURBISHED 142.99 inc deliv UK
£142.99Hazro Deals
Hey, Just randomly browsing and i came across this. I purchased one of these little over 3 years ago for over £400 brand new. This is a great monitor, I left my eyefinity setup t… Read more

Interesting one! I hope the bank refunded you whatever mess when it got re-debited? Also the information would be good as I would avoid anything the same people run. I would not descend on the business though for the same reasons - too much time and attention on them. Perhaps a few measured posts on the internet to ensure others don't make the same mistakes is fair game.


It got worse for me. This rogue supplier eventually realised they were going to get fined by the bank and refunded after the bank had already refunded and closed off my claim. Neither bank nor supplier notified me so I ended up in a right mess with managing my account after the amount was re-debited. Just another way these complete pr**ks have screwed me over. I found out information about the chap who owns them in my efforts to seek vengeance and I suggest you do not want to ever do business with this or any of the associated businesses he owns. I'm keen to descend on his business in Birmingham or Nottinghamshire if any of you are up for a bit of peaceful protest?


This is really easy to get right Kevin. Start with when you have 20x monitors to sell, put that figure into your online store so it doesn't sell 50,000 of the things you don't have and you won't get any of the problems you've had with this. While I agree with you about the Amazon style experience - for some people if it's not on the doorstep the next day then they kick off, and that's completely unreasonable - 3 months with one email and no product or money back is inexcusable, even for a supposed OEM engaging directly. Or not, apparently.


To circle around on this as well. Same experience for me. Did get some contact but it was intermittent and just offering me something else. I got refunded by the bank also. PLENTY of time given to sort this out. Dodgy, despite protestations otherwise on this forum.


No response received from Hazro after multiple emails and online ticket requests. They didn't ship the monitors or issue a refund. I had to get refunded by the fraud team at my bank. Do not trust these people, they do not have a telephone number and will not respond to you.

Hazro 29" LED UW-UXGA IPS Monitor - £199 @ Hazro
Found 9th Jul 2015Found 9th Jul 2015
Hazro 29" LED UW-UXGA IPS Monitor - £199 @ Hazro
I've just ordered this direct from their website. Seems like a bargain at that price (non-gaming only). Will update once I receive it and see how it performs! * 2560 x 1080 native… Read more



Stay clear of Hazro. The director Lutfur Rehman went into voluntary liquidation on 19 Dec 2014 after starting up Powerdisplays Ltd on 9 Dec 2014. Same address and probably the same stock. I bought a faulty screen in October last year. The company was impossible to communicate with. They eventually sent me a UPS label for return on 5 Dec 2014. Then I heard nothing. Now dealing with the liquidator. Two very dodgy companies. Stay away!


Heard enough horror story about hazro support. I even tried to contact them but no joy. Wouldn't touch...


The psu on these monitors don't last long.


Would be silly putting money into a name like that. Not voted either way

Hazro 29" Ultra Wide Screen LED UW-UXGA (2560x1080) IPS Monitor £239.99 @ Hazro Direct
Found 27th Apr 2015Found 27th Apr 2015
Hazro 29" Ultra Wide Screen LED UW-UXGA (2560x1080) IPS Monitor £239.99 @ Hazro Direct
£239.99Hazro Deals
So, this looks like a great deal for a 29" Ultra Wide Screen monitor, although the brand is a new one on me, apparently they are very good and use the same panel as Dell. If someon… Read more
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most 3d games support 21:9. 2d games typically wont, ori and the blind forest for example, and you will have black bars on a the left and right of the screen


This is a Korean monitor and you can get 1440p models for less than this.


need some good gfx card to run that setup...


Very foreboding... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-t8w08QNJM


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