HD-DVD 2 for £10 inc Pans Labyrinth & Polar Express

HD-DVD 2 for £10 inc Pans Labyrinth & Polar Express

Found 23rd Jul 2008
Maybe of interest for some trying to complete their collection. Same old titles but a few that are difficult to get hold of at this price.


Thank very much.... been trying to get a copy of polar express for ages.. it's my wife and daughter's favorite christmas film and the upscaling inherent with all animation in hd will be fab and totally groovy. Thanks again ( rep added)


Good find, unusual to see these two films so cheap! :thumbsup:

This is a cracking deal if its those two exact films you require.

I got Pans Lab a while back for £4.99 from HMV.

Would love Polar Express for a fiver but don`t see any others worth the money to make it two for £10.

I have almost all the rest of them and got most of them for £2.99 and £3.99

So if you still want Pan`s Lab and Polar Express together i`d say this was top bombing.

Heat for that alone.
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