HDMI 1.5m flat cable V1.4 high speed with ethernet channel, 2K resolution £2.99 @ Amazon
HDMI 1.5m flat cable V1.4 high speed with ethernet channel, 2K resolution £2.99 @ Amazon

HDMI 1.5m flat cable V1.4 high speed with ethernet channel, 2K resolution £2.99 @ Amazon

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Its my first post so here goes.
Been looking for some cheap HDMI cables to hook up various devices to surround sound and came across these,seem to be a decent spec and great price.They also have an ebay shop at the same price.



This won't produce as good quality as a £9,999.97 one

Like putting tractor tyres on a ferrari if you use this with a good tv.

Won't somebody please think of all those 1s and 0s escaping and getting lost for ever in the ether

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Heres some spec from the ebay listing for the same cable,for a cable for the sole purpose of transmitting sound it cant be bad.

This is a high quality gold plated flat HDMI cable 1.5m in length. It's the latest version V1.4 which supports 2D, 3D, Ethernet channel and much more. This high end cable is ideal for the latest home theatre systems and for all other HDMI appliances. Backwards compatible with all previous versions though only this cable will work with equipment that utilises the ethernet channel for data transmission. Save yourself a lot of money over high street prices with our great value V1.4 cable. The flat cable design improves the look of your set up and will more easily feed through thin gaps in your cabinet or wall.

Lets have a closer look at the cable specification:
Cable length - 1.5m
Cable gender - Male to male
Connector type - HDMI male
Connector specification - Type A 19 pin gold plated
Cable type - Low voltage HDMI video cable
Cable dimensions - 12mm x 2mm
Supported video standards - 560p 720p 1080p 2160p
HDMI Standard - V1.4
HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface. Equipment using this standard will have the HDMI logo printed on it:

The HDMI standard is a compact interface for the transmission of uncompressed digital video data. It is the digital alternative to analogue video cables such as coaxial cables, RCA phono cables and scart cables. The use of this cable between two compatible devices allows the transmission of HD high definition video data and up to 8 digital audio channels. The connector type is HDMI type A which is the connector type fitted to consumer electronic equipment such as satellite receivers, televisions and DVD players.

Bought one of these and a few months later found all the missing 0's and 1's had fallen down the back of the sofa - they're always in the last place you look.

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ive put in these cables in my system and and there as good as the more expensive cables i have!very happy with my purchase
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