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Posted 31 August 2022

HDMI cable 2m, 8K hdmi cable £6.99 @ Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Towiner EU

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HDMI cable 2m, 8K hdmi cable Snowkids 8K 2.1 cable, 8K@60Hz hdmi, 4K@120Hz, eARC HDR10 4:4:4| 21:9, HDCP 2.2/2.3 Dolby, 3D, VRR, Ethernet, Compatible with Latest game console/Roku TV/HDTV/Blu-ray

  • 💎[Latest-Hdmi cable(2m)] 8K hdmi cable is the latest hdmi in the world. Compared with the previous 4k hdmi, all functions have been upgraded. It is version 2.1, it is the current highest version, compatible with version 2.0 and earlier.( Compatible with 4K HDMI and 2K hdmi.) It fits the standard HDMI interface (the interface width is 14mm). Suitable for other 8K or 4K devices such as 8K TVs, desktop computers, projectors, etc.
  • 💎[Top technology-true 8K HDMI cable] This 8K HDMI cable uses the most cutting-edge technology to accurately process every signal particle and clearly display every signal source. It can achieve a resolution of 7680x4320, supports high frequency 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz, 8K unique and upgraded HDR, EARC, VRR and 12-bit color processing technology, and has a higher level of improvement in audio and color, video Scenes and 3D scenes are more realistic! It's like being there.
  • 💎[Large games-Easy play] It is strongly recommended that game lovers choose this 8K HDMI cable. This 8K hdmi cable maximizes the functions of the graphics card and CPU, and covers all functions required by the game, such as VRR, QMS, QFT, ALLM ect. VRR variable refresh rate can change the frame rate as the game scene changes. Make the game smoother, no tearing, no stuttering, no dislocation! 3A large-scale games and team battle game have more fun, which is very suitable for game lovers!
  • 💎[High-end material] This 8K HDMI cable (Version 2.1) is carefully designed by Snowkids Team (For hdmi). We use the best materials. American high-tech smart chips can match your equipment precisely and at the speed of light. The cable core is made of 28AWG tinned copper. The interface is made of 24K gold-plated, stable transmission, and will not oxidize. Anti-bending tail design, breaking test 10000+. Military nylon thread cable is beautiful, durable and long life.
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    Got these previous 4k snowkida cables. Decent cables well braided work as they should
  2. Avatar
    If you on the fence, I’ve used these with an Xbox Series X and an LG B9 55” (2M Cable) and LG C2 42” (5M Cable) all the Panel Options are available so these function perfectly as HDMI Cables.

    Only think to watch out for is they are thick and don’t flex as easy as other HDMI Cables. (edited)
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    Check negative reviews. Seems there are issues with 4k120, hdmi 2.1 spec
  4. Avatar
    Is the PS5 original HDMI cable not good enough?
    Been fine for me....